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EPActEnergy Policy Act
EPACTEnvironmental Policy Act
EPACTEnergy Policy And Conservation Act
EPACTEnergetic Particles: Acceleration, Composition and Transport
EPACTExperimental Psychopathology and Cognitive Therapy (UK)
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201 to 500 horsepower motors not previously covered by EPAct will be required to comply with energy efficiencies as defined by NEMA MG I, Table 12-11
The Wilderness Road area buildings, which were built from 2006 to 2010, were assumed to be EPAct 2005 compliant, and the Energy Use Intensities (EUIs) for these buildings were obtained directly from the USACE EPACT study.
With the December 2013 extension of the EPAct tax deduction fast approaching, building owners should speak with their accountants and financial advisors to see how best to write off the cost of new lighting in 2013 rather than having to depreciate it, and better position their building with a sharper competitive edge toward maximizing property value.
A further report was taken from ePact in August 2012 comparing the first three months of 2011 to the first three months of 2012 to review if prescribing had increased
Continued pressure on energy prices and concerns over energy security after passage of EPAct 2005 led to continued discussion of energy policy in the 110th Congress.
Beginning with the scientific and technical issues identified by the Greenwald, TAP and EPACT documents, ReNeW panels will first determine the scientific and technical requirements for addressing those issues.
There can be a lot of discrepancy between the average efficiency of installed motors, EPAct energy-efficient and NEMA Premium[R] efficiency motors.
The 1992 act, popularly known as EPAct, set as its overall mission the replacement of.
In addition, EPAct requires that a priority be given to projects "that include agricultural producers, or cooperatives of agricultural producers, as equity partners in the ventures; and .
Safety criteria can also be found on the EPACT Web site at www.
EPAct also includes financial incentives to develop technologies such as "clean" coal and advanced nuclear power plants that can create an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas in meeting a region's minimum, or base, demand for electricity.
The 2005 EPAct requires that at least 4 billion gallons of ethanol and biodiesel be used in 2006 increasing annually to at least 7.