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EPEEEuropean Partnership for Energy and the Environment
EPEEEiffel Parallel Execution Environment (computer programming)
EPEEExplosion Protected Electrical Equipment (Australia)
EPEEEnergie, Propulsion, Espace, Environnement (French: Energy, Propulsion, Space, Environment; est. 1988)
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One of the most important Epee Defender features is the length of its functioning in standby mode.
The target at Epee is everything from the waist upwards with a lame apron worn to cancel out blows below the waist.
Los consultores de la agencia Hill and Knowlton disenaron la estrategia de EPEE y condujeron directamente el cabildeo con funcionarios de la UE y eurodiputados.
Former university students Roz Hull and Catherine Gamlin, British women's sabre No 9 and British women's epee No 5 respectively, together with Rob Penton and Matt Glanville, also compete.
Foil touches must hit the torso; with the epee, the entire body is a target.
The Philippine women's epee team also had an impressive showing, turning in a silver and a bronze.
Egypt picked up gold medals in the men's international epee and foil categories, but missed out on the third gold after Poland's Ewa Nelip outclassed Ayah Mahdy in the women's international.
Une source securitaire a declare a Jawhara fm que le jeune delinquant, age de 33 ans et originaire de Kazmet a Bouhssina, avait menace hier par une epee un enfant de 16 ans et lui a confisque sa moto.
The Kuwaiti team included 24 fencers in the three categories, sabre, epee and foil.
Kuwait also won two bronze medals in sabre and epee contests.
Harvey will fight for England and will come up against Scotland's Hide in the epee discipline in Manchester in September.
Chris Taylor claimed the silver medal in the men's epee event, Scott Willis celebrated a bronze while Katrina Smith took silver in the women's epee.