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ECHEarth Coverage Horn
ECHEarly Childhood for the Handicapped
ECHEarly Career Hire
ECHEnhanced Call Handling
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ECHEchangeur (French: Exchange; Canada Post street designation)
ECHExtra Care Housing (various organizations)
ECHElectron Cyclotron Heating
ECHEphrata Community Hospital (Ephrata, PA)
ECHEcho Channel
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ECHEnterprise Customer Hub (Amdocs)
ECHEl Centro Hispano (North Carolina)
ECHEuropean Clearing House (securities industry)
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Ce-CCS complex was prepared by membrane-forming and crosslinking by epichlorohydrin.
A certain amount of succinic acid was added in to isopropanol, and then two equivalent of epichlorohydrin was added in dropwised under stirring at certain temperature.
Still in the granulator rotating at the predicted speed, epichlorohydrin (2-3 wt% of the granules total weight) as crosslinker was sprayed at regular time intervals of 20 min for 2 h.
Traditionally, epichlorohydrin (ECH) is being produced through petro-based feedstock, i.
11) Our previous work (12), (13) involved the synthesis of metal-containing epoxy polymers by the reaction of epichlorohydrin with bi-functional Schiff base metal complexes which showed good thermal stability and excellent antimicrobial activity.
The ISBL services involve debottlenecking of their existing epichlorohydrin plant to increase capacity, and the OSBL services cover all utilities and the tankage area.
The chitosan were crosslinked with epichlorohydrin to improve the wet strength of the chitosan beads (Wan Ngah et al.
After complete drying, the films were crosslinked with epichlorohydrin in the presence of sodium sulfate.
The plant will be based on Solvay's innovative and patented Epicerol technology and will produce 100 kilo-tons per year of epichlorohydrin from glycerine.
Tony Mash, CEO of the BCF, has confirmed the Federation is worried about global shortages of key raw materials such as Epichlorohydrin (ECH) and Bis Phenol A (BPA) causing problems in the manufacture of Epoxies.
The two awards are for Jana's existing epichlorohydrin plant expansion and a new epichlorohydrin plant in Saudi Arabia.
Then the EPA will turn to the carcinogens acrylamide and epichlorohydrin, impurities that can be introduced into drinking water during its treatment.