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EPIExpanded Programme on Immunization (World Health Organization)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Index
EPIEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EPIEquipamento de Proteção Individual (Portuguese: Personal Protective Equipment)
EPIExocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
EPIEmployment Policies Institute (Washington, DC, USA)
EPIEuroprop International (European aero engines)
EPIEmergency Public Information (US Department of Energy)
EPIEnseignement Public et Informatique (French: Public Education and Information)
EPIEscola Prática de Infantaria (Portuguese: Practical School of Infantry)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Indicator
EPIEnvironmental Policy Institute (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)
EPIElectrochemical Products, Inc. (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
EPIEnergy Per Instruction
EPIExternal Presentation Interface
EPIExperimental Performance Institute
EPIEngineering Process Improvement
EPIEnvironmental Professional Intern (IPEP)
EPIEnergiepreisindex (energy price index of EVA; Austria)
EPIExternal Peripheral Interface (Stellaris)
EPIEmily Post Institute
EPIEnvironmental Priorities Initiative
EPIEcumenical Peace Institute (Berkeley, CA)
EPIElectronic Petrol Injection
EPIEnterprise Process Improvement
EPIExtraordinary Pay Increase
EPIElectronic Processing Interchange
EPIEstimated Premium Income
EPIEnhanced Publisher Integration
EPIExit Planning Institute
EPIEngine Performance Indicator
EPIEquivalent Premium Income (insurance)
EPIExpanded Position Indicator
EPIExternal Project Initiation (WorldCom)
EPIExceptional Performance Incentive
EPIEuropean Participating Industries
EPIExtended Phase Interferometry
EPIEquipement de Protection Individuelle (French: personal protective equipment (climbing))
EPIElection Products Inc (Urbanna, VA)
EPIEducator Preparation Institute
EPIEntertainment Publications, Inc. (Troy, MI)
EPIElectronic Publishing Information
EPIExport Promotion and Internationalisation (Finland)
EPIEndo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Newark, DE)
EPIEvidence of Property Insurance
EPIEngineering Projects India Ltd.
EPIExploration Production, Inc. (est. 1993; Canada)
EPIEcho Planar Imaging
EPIEconomic Policy Institute
EPIElectronic Position Indicator
EPIEagle-Picher Industries
EPIEquipo de Protección Individual (Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment)
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The Effect of Topical SOP on the Proportion of Apoptotic Cells in the Epidermis after UVB Irradiation.
Structure of the reconstructed human epidermis was similar to human epidermis
The epidermis showed irregular acanthosis with saw tooth pattern.
At a later stage, young leaf, the epidermis become more radially elongated (Figure 2a-c) and it shows tector (Figure 2a-c) and glandular trichomes (Figure 2c).
27Fetal skin in treated group also showed that layers of the epidermis were not characteristically structured and the large gaps between the cells were observed.
Between the epidermis and dermis a dermoepidermal junction forms to help anchor the epidermis and dermis together.
Stace (1965, 1980, 1984) ha indicado que entre los organos vegetativos para los estudios de orden sistematico, las caracteristicas de las hojas son las mas ampliamente utilizadas, mientras que Srivastava (1978) senala que la epidermis foliar es una de las fuentes de informacion mas util para la resolucion de problemas de esta indole.
The epidermis consisted of approximately isodiametric and squared cells with few intercellular spaces and no cuticle.
Anatomically, there's little connection between the dermis and the epidermis.
The fin rays and mesenchymal tissue are covered with layers of epidermal cells, the most basal part of which is a thin sheet called the basal layer of the epidermis.
Epidermis of his mouth was developed one of Japan leading industry organization Orient.
Garrod said, "Our skin is made up of three different layers, the outermost of which is the epidermis.