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EPIEnbridge Pipelines, Inc. (Canada)
EPIEcho Planar Imaging
EPIEconomic Policy Institute
EPIEquipo de Protección Individual (Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment)
EPIExpanded Programme on Immunization (World Health Organization)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Index
EPIEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EPIEvidence of Property Insurance
EPIEspaces Pédagogiques Interactifs (French: Interactive Teaching Spaces)
EPIEngineered Products, Inc. (Vernon, PA)
EPIEndo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Newark, DE)
EPIEducation Policy Initiative (University of Michigan)
EPIEducator Preparation Institute
EPIEquipamento de Proteção Individual (Portuguese: Personal Protective Equipment)
EPIEagle-Picher Industries
EPIExploration Production, Inc. (est. 1993; Canada)
EPIExocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
EPIÉtudes et Projets Industriels (French: Industrial Projects and Studies)
EPIEclipse Packager Invoice
EPIEncapsulated Postscript Interchange
EPIExpress Publisher
EPIError Passive Interrupt
EPIEngineering Projects India Ltd.
EPIEmployment Policies Institute (Washington, DC, USA)
EPIEnglish Programs for Internationals (University of South Carolina)
EPIEconomic Performance Indicator
EPIEuroprop International (European aero engines)
EPIEspace Public Internet (French: Internet Public Space)
EPIElectromedical Products International (Mineral Wells, TX)
EPIEnterprise Performance Improvement
EPIElectronic Position Indicator
EPIÉtudes et Prestations Informatiques (French: Computer Studies and Services)
EPIEmergency Public Information (US Department of Energy)
EPIEntente Pongiste Isséenne (French table tennis club)
EPIEnseignement Public et Informatique (French: Public Education and Information)
EPIEmployee Pension Insurance (various locations)
EPIEscola Prática de Infantaria (Portuguese: Practical School of Infantry)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Indicator
EPIEnvironmental Policy Institute (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)
EPIExport Promotion and Internationalisation (Finland)
EPIEntertainment Publications, Inc. (Troy, MI)
EPIElectronic Payment Instrument
EPIEpson Portland, Inc. (Hillsboro, OR)
EPIElectrochemical Products, Inc. (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
EPIEnergy Per Instruction
EPIExternal Presentation Interface
EPIExperimental Performance Institute
EPIElectronic Publishing Information
EPIEngineering Process Improvement
EPIEnvironmental Professional Intern (IPEP)
EPIEuropéenne Protection Incendie (French: European Fire Protection)
EPIEnergiepreisindex (energy price index of EVA; Austria)
EPIÉpilepsie Progression Intégration (French epilepsy association)
EPIEntreprise Provençale d'Isolation (French insulation company)
EPIExtraction Purification Innovation (France)
EPIExternal Peripheral Interface (Stellaris)
EPIEffective Parenting Initiative (Sacramento, CA)
EPIEmily Post Institute
EPIEurope Protection Intervention (France; est. 2001)
EPIEnvironmental Priorities Initiative
EPIElectronic Petrol Injection
EPIEcumenical Peace Institute (Berkeley, CA)
EPIEnterprise Process Improvement
EPIEnvironmental Professionals, Inc. (various locations)
EPIExtraordinary Pay Increase
EPIElectronic Processing Interchange
EPIEstimated Premium Income
EPIEnhanced Publisher Integration
EPIExit Planning Institute
EPIEngine Performance Indicator
EPIEquivalent Premium Income (insurance)
EPIExpanded Position Indicator
EPIExceptional Performance Incentive
EPIExternal Project Initiation (WorldCom)
EPIEuropean Participating Industries
EPIExtended Phase Interferometry
EPIEquipement de Protection Individuelle (French: personal protective equipment (climbing))
EPIElection Products Inc (Urbanna, VA)
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Additionally, Sp1 expression is decreased in the epidermis of patients with AD [52], and, as a consequence, KLK activity is often enhanced.
On the other hand, the mean lengths ([micro]m) of guard cells at the upper epidermis of the non-polluted populations, were 1.23 [+ or -] 0.86,2.93 [+ or -] 0.18 and 2.89 [+ or -] 0.34 at Ebvomodu, Ebvoneka and Eyaen respectively while at the lower epidermis the mean lengths ([micro]m) were 1.40 [+ or -] 0.91, 2.12 [+ or -] 0.41 and 2.01 [+ or -] 0.60, respectively.
In the case of the endogenous EF, the power dissipation density in the stratum corneum was 8.9 W/[m.sup.3], and this value decreased to 6.77 W/[m.sup.3] in the epidermis, to 4.75 W/[m.sup.3] in the dermis, and to 0.28 W/[m.sup.3] in the subcutis.
The survival fractions of Staphylococcus epidermis and Staphylococcus aureus with different irradiation time were calculated and shown in Figure 6.
Stomata in the upper and lower epiderma are large, dense and have two epidermis cells.
Histopathological features show two cases with the normal epidermis and two with the atrophic epidermis and numerous macrophages, moderate lymphocytes, few epithelioid cells, few plasma cells were seen.
Also found within the epidermis are Langerhans cells.
Afterward, cut the epidermis from the insert with a surgical scalpel and immersed in 0.01 mol/L PBS for 5 min, and then the tissues were processed for dehydration using graded ethanol, vitrification by xylene, immersion, and embedding in paraffin.
The Effect of Topical SOP on the Proportion of Sunburn Cells in the Epidermis after UVB Irradiation.
With an irregular shape and size, these mucous cells' core were round or oval and some were located in the upper part of epidermis, and some in the bottom of epidermis.
The penetration of topically applied molecules into the stratum corneum and the epidermis depends on several parameters.
In reality, the outer layer of skin, epidermis, renews itself roughly every 27 days.