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EPIExpanded Programme on Immunization (World Health Organization)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Index
EPIEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EPIEquipamento de Proteção Individual (Portuguese: Personal Protective Equipment)
EPIExocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
EPIEmployment Policies Institute (Washington, DC, USA)
EPIEuroprop International (European aero engines)
EPIEmergency Public Information (US Department of Energy)
EPIEnseignement Public et Informatique (French: Public Education and Information)
EPIEscola Prática de Infantaria (Portuguese: Practical School of Infantry)
EPIEnvironmental Performance Indicator
EPIEnvironmental Policy Institute (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)
EPIElectrochemical Products, Inc. (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
EPIEnergy Per Instruction
EPIExternal Presentation Interface
EPIExperimental Performance Institute
EPIEngineering Process Improvement
EPIEnvironmental Professional Intern (IPEP)
EPIEnergiepreisindex (energy price index of EVA; Austria)
EPIExternal Peripheral Interface (Stellaris)
EPIEmily Post Institute
EPIEnvironmental Priorities Initiative
EPIEcumenical Peace Institute (Berkeley, CA)
EPIElectronic Petrol Injection
EPIEnterprise Process Improvement
EPIExtraordinary Pay Increase
EPIElectronic Processing Interchange
EPIEstimated Premium Income
EPIEnhanced Publisher Integration
EPIExit Planning Institute
EPIEngine Performance Indicator
EPIEquivalent Premium Income (insurance)
EPIExpanded Position Indicator
EPIExternal Project Initiation (WorldCom)
EPIExceptional Performance Incentive
EPIEuropean Participating Industries
EPIExtended Phase Interferometry
EPIEquipement de Protection Individuelle (French: personal protective equipment (climbing))
EPIElection Products Inc (Urbanna, VA)
EPIEducator Preparation Institute
EPIEntertainment Publications, Inc. (Troy, MI)
EPIElectronic Publishing Information
EPIExport Promotion and Internationalisation (Finland)
EPIEndo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Newark, DE)
EPIEvidence of Property Insurance
EPIEngineering Projects India Ltd.
EPIExploration Production, Inc. (est. 1993; Canada)
EPIEcho Planar Imaging
EPIEconomic Policy Institute
EPIElectronic Position Indicator
EPIEagle-Picher Industries
EPIEquipo de Protección Individual (Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment)
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In fact, Formosa Epitaxy already achieved a gross profit of 38.
Advertised is a complete system for molecular beam epitaxy of group III arsenides and antimonides.
With these partnerships, Epistar is estimated to have as many as 296 metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machines to turn out blue-chip epitaxy wafers, outnumbering the output at Cree of the United States and at Nichia of Japan.
Tyntek will be able to boost its output of LED-based sensor chips to over 40,000 epitaxy wafers a month from current 30,000 wafers, becoming Taiwan's No.
High Power was founded in the park in 2005 to manufacture and develop high-power LED epitaxy wafers and chips, including silicon-based red, yellow and infrared wafers and chips
Die View, Dimensions & Marking - Guard Ring - Cross-Section Gate - Substrate and Epitaxy Layers, Backside - MOSFET Characteristics
The result was his take on liquid phase epitaxy, whereby substrates on wafers were inserted into a saturated solution of gallium phosphide dissolved in metallic gallium.
Molecular beam epitaxy is the process of depositing atoms or molecules onto a crystalline substrate under conditions of high or ultra-high vacuum.
Silicon-germanium (SiGe) and silicon (Si) strained-layer epitaxy are considered old solutions to the engineering of semiconductor devices, but using SiGe and Si in a production system has only recently become a practical reality.
The group has employed molecular beam epitaxy to create first a quantum dot structure made of InAs (indiaum arsenide)/GaAs (gallium arsenide) and then a metal mask with a 0.
Yeah, it probably only matters to engineers who already know what epitaxy is
A low density of InGaAs quantum dots (QDs), semiconductor nanostructures with 10 nm to 20 nm dimensions, is grown on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy.