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EOExecutive Order
EOEqual Opportunity
EOEssential Oil
EOEarth Observation
EOExempt Organizations (accounting)
EOExecutive Officer
EOEsperanto (ISO Language Code)
EOEthylene Oxide
EOEarth Observing
EOEvery Other
EOEnglish Only (education)
EOEvangelische Omroep (Dutch TV and radio)
EOEngine Oil
EOEvent Organizer
EOExplosive Ordnance
EOEducation Outreach (various organizations)
EOEducation Otherwise (UK)
EOEx Officio (Latin: By Virtue of Office)
EOExchange Online (Microsoft Office)
EOEarth Orbit
EOExterior Orientation
EOExtremal Optimization (statistical physics)
EOEve Online (game)
EOEquipment Operator (Navy Seabee rating)
EOEastern Orthodox (religious denomination)
EOEnforcement Officer
EOErasable Optical
EOEnd Office
EOEdmonton Oilers (hockey)
EOEmpowered Official (various organizations)
EOEscrow Officer
EOEmergency Operation
EOEndless Online (computer game)
EOEthics Officer
EOEntrepreneurial Orientation (corporate traits)
EOEmployers Organisation (UK government)
EOEmployee Organization
EOEarly Out
EOElectrolyzed Oxidizing
EOEngineering Order
EOEstablishing Operation (applied behavior analysis)
EOEmeka Okafor (basketball player)
EOEncarta Online (Microsoft)
EOExecute Order
EOElectoral Office
EOEquality Officer
EOEngagement Operations
EOEpilepsy Ontario (Thornhill, ON, Canada)
EOEvent Order (hospitality industry)
EOElliot and Olivia (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; TV show)
EOEnabling Objective
EOEmergency Override
EOExtra Over (construction industry)
EOEdmonton Online (.net)
EOSpecial Delivery Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EOElectrical Operator (US Navy submarine watchstation)
EOEvolved Online (message board)
EOElita One (Transformers character)
EOEarth Escape Orbit
EO(USN Rating) Equipment Operator
EOEuclid Orchestra (Euclid, OH)
EOEngage Order
EOEngine/Engineering Officer (Navy)
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Equal Opportunity Commission with effective powers and resources could be an important instrument to ensure diversity as well as equality.
Congress should provide rigorous oversight of stimulus spending as it relates to equal opportunity and require regular reporting by the White House.
For more information about equal opportunity and diversity in the Navy visit: www.npc.navy.mil/CommandSupport/Diversity or www.npc.navy.mil/CommandSupport/EqualOpportunity.
At least 10 universities across the country, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University, closed down their minority programs after receiving threats of lawsuits from the Center for Equal Opportunity and the American Civil Rights Institute.
'Black Lives, Government Lies' was written by Dr Ros Kidd and was officially launched in Brisbane by the Social Justice Commissioner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
In short, the two principle strategies of the past 40 years have been positive and necessary, but ultimately limited and flawed, tools for attaining the goal of equal opportunity. Our schools remain highly segregated by economic status.
We must support organizations, such as the NAACP, the National Action Network and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, that are at the forefront of the fight for equal opportunity. And we must attack the demonization of affirmative action by being truly informed on the facts and fiction of the policy.
Case, a Chicago-born consultant who has spent more than 20 years in Brazil, finds the notion of affirmative action and equal opportunity alien to the local culture.
"By encouraging a policy of equal opportunity, employers will ensure that problems do not arise in the future."
The situation improved after 1986, when the government passed a series of equal opportunity laws.
At first, I really thought that affirmative action was just a stronger version of equal opportunity. You used to see at the bottom of job announcements, "We are an equal opportunity employer." Then it became, "We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer." I thought that was just a stronger dose of equal opportunity.
If as Christians we truly believe that all human beings are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, have a transcendent and inalienable dignity, we cannot deny someone an equal opportunity for an organ transplant on the basis of merit or social-worth considerations.
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