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KeqEquilibrium Constant
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(mg/L) 303K 313K 323K 303K 313K 323K 100 0.28826 0.25234 0.1984 0.10448 0.08257 0.0566 150 0.2126 0.18367 0.14163 0.07216 0.0566 0.03846 200 0.1684 0.14439 0.11012 0.05512 0.04306 0.02913 250 0.13941 0.11894 0.09008 0.04459 0.03475 0.02344 300 0.11894 0.10112 0.07621 0.03743 0.02913 0.01961 350 0.10371 0.08795 0.06604 0.03226 0.02507 0.01685 Table 8: Equilibrium constants and thermodynamic parameters for the adsorption of MB Adsorbent Initial Ko [DELTA]G MB (kJ/mole) Conc.
As it is shown from Table 4, the equilibrium constant value based on a reference volume of 100 [cm.sup.3]/mol at 25[degrees]C, [K.sub.2.sup.std] first decreases slightly from SAA-18 to SAA-27 and then with a more pronounced slope for higher carboxylic content within the copolymer as with SAA-32.
For detailed insight into the process, particularly for a quantitative description of the structure-reactivity relationships as well as of the solvent effects, neat rate and equilibrium constants are required.
Perhaps it is significant that the first molecule of CH[Cl.sub.3] attaches to NBA with the same equilibrium constant as was observed for the CH[Cl.sub.3] association with DEE.
The equilibrium constant ([K.sub.0]) is the ratio of the concentration of dye in adsorbent and in aqueous solution ([K.sub.0] = [k.sub.1]/[k.sub.2]).
4 and 6 yields the curves of the equilibrium constant K and the condensation rate constant [k.sub.1] in Fig.
Where Ci is the initial metal ion concentration (mg/L) and KL is the Langmuir equilibrium constant (L/mg).
The concentrations of variables in charge and molar balance equations were eliminated by replacing them by equilibrium constant equations.
Where qm (mg/g) is the amount adsorbed per unit mass of the adsorbent corresponding to formation of a complete monolayer, Ka (L/mg) is the Langmuir equilibrium constant. Ce (mg/L) and qe (mg/g) are the equilibrium liquid phase concentrations and amount of solute adsorbed at equilibrium, respectively [16].
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