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Zara Cottle, director at Cardiff-based Equinox, said: "With a surge in demand for multimedia content, especially video, from both clients and the media, we created this new role to ensure Equinox leads the way in using the latest technology to tell our client stories in an engaging way.
After a highly successful pilot program in the fall of 2014 at the exclusive E at Equinox at Columbus Circle in New York, the LIFT Session technology platform will be rolled out to four other Equinox markets: Boston, Dallas, Greenwich, CT, and an additional New York City location.
But the scheme does not only benefit graduates, with four members of the current Equinox team having completed an internship before securing a permanent position with the agency.
These days are known as the vernal (Spring) equinox and the autumnal (fall) equinox respectively.
Bob Enck, president and chief executive officer at Equinox, said, 'The decision to invest in these vehicles was critically influenced by the fact that they were administered by a best-in-class fund administrator.
Aaron Regent, President and CEO of Barrick said, "The acquisition of Equinox would add a high-quality, long-life asset to our portfolio and is consistent with our strategy of increasing gold and copper reserves through exploration and acquisitions.
According to member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS) Wadah Mustafa Sawas said that the people of Mesopotamia were the first to set the points of the equinox around 2825 BC as historic documents indicate.
During equinox, light from the sun hits the ring particles at very low angles, accenting their topography and giving us a three-dimensional view of the rings.
As a Cisco Certified Learning Partner Associate, Equinox is qualified to provide authorized training for the latest Cisco technologies, either at its own locations or on-site with its own Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSITM) sponsored by Global Knowledge, the leading Cisco Learning Solutions Partner.
CAIRO -- Equinox Egypt announced today it has achieved Silver Certification from Cisco([R]).
Their first bay area location, Equinox Pine Street, occupies the former Pacific Stock Exchange.
In addition to being a Cisco Silver Partner in the Gulf and a Premier Partner in Egypt, Equinox International is an Advanced Services Partner for Cisco in the Middle East.