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EQUEquate (assembly language directive)
EqUEquivalent Unit
EQUExtremely Qualified User
EQUEstimated Quarterly Usage
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Abrasion resistant linings and pipes custom-engineered to extend life of bulk material handling equipment.
Broad line of standard and custom polyurethane equipment and turnkey systems for appliance, automotive, furniture, panel/ insulation, recreation, slabstock and specialty applications.
The three-year effort--which is part of the Military Equipment Valuation (MEV) Initiative--marks a change in the way the Department does business.
Cutting equipment ACS Extrusion Group Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc.
Fire & Safety Equipment of Rockford Inc, Rockford, IL
Before simply buying the largest available material handler, however, recyclers can look at a number of ways to make sure they have the right equipment on hand to load up barges with scrap.
Equipment World boasts an impressive ranking as the No.
Aquatic equipment/supplies, athletic/recreational equipment, outdoor recreation products, watercraft
The Contractors Equipment Program rolled out the pilot program at the end of the summer in Texas with plans to expand nationwide.
China-based Zhongxing Telecom Equipment Corporation (ZTE)--the largest listed telecommunications equipment manufacturer in China*--is designing in Agere's chip for use in its multi-service switching equipment platform.
To qualify for this tax credit, an individual or corporation must receive certification from the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on Form DEQ 50-11S that the machinery and equipment are integral to the recycling process.
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