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EQFEuropean Qualifications Framework
EQFEqualizer Setting File
EQFEstimation Quality Factor (project managment)
EQFExamens de Qualification Français (French: French Qualifying Exams; European Patent Office)
EQFEquipment Failure
EQFEqual Flexibility
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Equipment effectiveness: Sporadic equipment failures and production changes cause equipment effectiveness loss (also called loss of "through-put").
The equipment failure led to a brief fire at the substation located at Larkin and Eddy Streets.
Without proper lubrication, maintenance personnel will be so busy repairing equipment failures that the other PM responsibilities will go unmet.
Department of the Interior's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) today announced the expansion of reporting of near misses on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) through the SafeOCS (link is external) program to now include the confidential collection of equipment failure data in an effort to further reduce the risk of offshore incidents.
But unmowed grass or unpainted rocks have never made the siren of an ambulance howl as it makes its way to an accident caused by equipment failure.
They blame equipment failure but Mike said: "I'll have to pay for the rest of my life."
Formulated in response to ongoing developments in modern fluid power technology and the continually increasing pressures placed on hydraulic oils, next generation Shell Tellus overcomes problems such as corrosion, contamination, sludge build-up, filter blocking and increased wear, which result in major equipment failure, increased maintenance requirements and expensive downtime.
It is the third time in two months that delays have been caused by equipment failure at the Boston airport.
Pepco announced this evening that power to 200 customers who lost power because of an underground equipment failure should be restored by noon tomorrow.
The advantages of maintenance systems, according to Schmidt are reduced equipment failure, inventory, etc.
Simply put, the principle is: Preventing equipment failure is better than dealing with equipment failure.
The 46-seater Danish Air Transport plane, carrying 15 passengers, was leaving Aberdeen Airport for Shetland when a warning light indicated a landing equipment failure.
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