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ERASEExpose Racism and Advance School Excellence (Applied Research Center; Oakland, CA)
ERASEEnvironmental Remediation and Site Enhancement (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
ERASEEnd Racism and Sexism Everywhere
ERASEEducation, Research, Advocacy and Support to End Racism (Syosset, NY)
ERASEElectromagnetic Radiation/Radiating Source Elimination
ERASEEliminate Radio Air Smut Effectively
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Notable Dry Erase Paint is available in 50-, 100- and 200-square foot kits in white for a classic whiteboard look or clear to transform any of the 3,500+ Benjamin Moore colors into a dry erase surface.
Our gloss dry erase coating has exceptional write and erase characteristics," states Andy Danihel, Director of Marketing for Tekra.
This three-member 26 Series SQI interface family is available with 16-Mbit, 32-Mbit, or 64-Mbit of memory, and is manufactured using Microchip's high-performance CMOS technology, which provides the industry's fastest erase times and superior reliability, according to the company.
The SST26WF080B/040B provide the fastest erase times of any competing device due to the use of SuperFlash technology.
By taking advantage of Foremay's patent pending technologies, we are glad to offer a complete data secure erase and data destruction solution for solid state drives," said Jack Winters, Foremay's CTO and co-founder.
Expo Dry Erase Markers from Sanford, Oak Brook, Ill.
WITH the city of Liverpool becoming increasingly aware of its place in the Slave Trade, some are over-eager to erase the memory of what happened.
intelligence aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision off the coast of China four years ago, the crew was unable to erase sensitive information from magnetic data storage systems before making an emergency landing in Chinese territory.
The tape is pulled from its cassette housing by threading guides and then wound over a series of rollers, spindles, guides, stationary erase and record heads, a pinch roller/capstan mechanism, and a helical-scan head drum.
The M25PE80 offers a thin granularity for erase and program very suitable for BIOS parameters.
As a practical matter don't run Remove Hidden Data until you're ready to publish or send the sensitive file to its intended recipient because it will permanently erase all collaboration material.