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ERASEExpose Racism and Advance School Excellence (Applied Research Center; Oakland, CA)
ERASEEnvironmental Remediation and Site Enhancement (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
ERASEEnd Racism and Sexism Everywhere
ERASEEducation, Research, Advocacy and Support to End Racism (Syosset, NY)
ERASEElectromagnetic Radiation/Radiating Source Elimination
ERASEEliminate Radio Air Smut Effectively
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As a result of the combination, Aspirion and HRS ERASE will serve more than 100 facilities in 28 states.
Originally launched in 2006, Love and Pride's Erase Hate pendant was designed in solidarity with Judy and Dennis Shepard's organization, founded after their son Matthew's untimely death by anti-gay hate crime.
This is the time to erase the left side of the circle that made up the head area.
"It is also important to build in resistance to moisture because some common dry erase products tend to ghost severely in high humidity climates." The coating survived over 10,000 cycles of erasability as well as heat and humidity cycling and passed stringent requirements for cleanability for all of the markers tested (the permanent markers were removed with spray cleaners).
Once the lock is enabled, even if you accidentally press the Erase Button, the content on the pad will remain as it is.
"Today's work spaces have evolved to empower creativity and collaboration more than ever before and Notable Dry Erase Paint was specifically developed to meet the growing demands of the modern workplace," said Senior Brand Manager Mary Louise Rubin.
Erase: How Companies Wipe Active Files study released today by Blancco Technology Group.
It is a simple application that allows you to select which hard drive you want to erase, the shredding scheme that is the particular algorithm you want to use to scramble the information, and the file system type.
All that delete does is erase file's reference information in the disk directory, marking the blocks as free for reuse.
Radiohead tried (and failed) to erase itself from the Internet
Acucote has extended its line of specialty films to include 2 mil Clear PET Dry Erase Overlaminate, 3.5 mil White Dry EraseVinyl and 5 mil Black Chalkboard Vinyl.