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ERASEREnhanced Recognition and Sensing Laser Radar
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To enhance customer communication, the front of the pack is die-cut to display the three different styles of Magic Eraser: Extra Durable, Kitchen, and Bath.
The all-new Magic Eraser makes multi-tasking easier than ever, lightening the cleaning load all over the house, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.
Observations about Observations about eraser Eraser eraser texture on slanted surface Without slime With slime Conclusions:
* Kneaded erasers, eraser pencils, blending stumps, spray fixative,
The company last spring added three products to its Itch Eraser franchise, each formulated to instantly eliminate the itch from allergic reactions to three plant families: poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.
Bissell's Pet Hair Eraser is designed with the company's Smart-Seal Allergen System, which prevents dust, dander and allergens from escaping back into the air, said Jamie Wilcox, associate director of vacuums marketing.
"We see an opportunity in the market to innovate with a full line of skincare healing products that stop the itch from various reactions," says Frank Meyer, chief marketing officer at Littleton, N.H.-based Tender Corp., parent company of the Itch Eraser. "The difference in the Itch Eraser is in the super healing formulations and instant skin soothing.
As that great and often quoted author, Anonymous, once said: "As you make your mark on the world, watch out for the guys with erasers!" The major take away from this saying is to make sure you are NOT one of the guys (or gals) with an eraser.
|Rub out any monster mistakes with this brachiosaurus eraser, just PS3.95 from Dotcomgiftshop Veloci-WrAP-Tor...