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ERRSEmergency and Rapid Response Services
ERRSEdmonton Radial Railway Society (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ERRSEuropean Research in Radiological Sciences (newsletter)
ERRSEarly Release at the Time of Redefiner's Selection
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They know from experience that they sometimes err; and the wonder is that they so seldom err as they do, beset, as they continually are, by the wiles of parasites and sycophants, by the snares of the ambitious, the avaricious, the desperate, by the artifices of men who possess their confidence more than they deserve it, and of those who seek to possess rather than to deserve it.
All founders of states endeavour to comprehend within their own plan everything of nearly the same kind with it; but in doing this they err, in the manner I have already described in treating of the preservation and destruction of governments.
As regards the greater truths, men oftener err by seeking them at the bottom than at the top; Truth lies in the huge abysses where wisdom is sought-not in the palpable palaces where she is found.