ertPSExtended Real-Time Polling Service
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UGS have the highest priority and BE have the lowest priority whereas, ertPS, rtPS and nrtPS lies between them.
ertPS is a scheduling service mechanism that was introduced by using the efficiency of both rtPS and UGS.
Keywords: QoS, WiMAX, Scheduling Services, ERTPS, RTPS, UGS
To cope with such issues, QoS in wireless networks is usually managed at the medium access control (MAC) layer[5].In this research work four QoS parameters for three WiMaX scheduling services namely Unsolicited Grant service(UGS),Real Time Polling service (RTPS) and Enhanced real time Polling service (ERTPS) are scrutinized.
The packet delivery ratio for ERTPS, RTPS and UGS is compared in Fig.It is observed from Fig 2.
The End-to-End delay for ERTPS, RTPS and UGS is compared in Fig 6.