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EHTEuro Hockey Tour (ice hockey)
EHTEmployer Health Tax (Canada)
EHTElectronic Hardware Technology
EHTExtremely High Temperature
EHTExtra High Tension (spectrometry)
EHTEicosanoyl-5-Hydroxytryptamide (neuroprotective coffee compound)
EHTEssential Hypertension
EHTÉlectrolyse Haute Température (French: High Temperature Electrolysis)
EHTElectronics/High Tech (business sector)
EHTElectricals & Home Technology
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EHTExpert Heat Treatment (UK)
EHTElderly and Handicapped Transportation
EHTElmdale House Tavern (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Despite extensive and continuous efforts to understand the pathogenesis of essential hypertension and LVH, the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms remain largely elusive.
1] To study serum total calcium as well as ionic calcium levels in patients with essential hypertension.
There are conflicting results about the relationship between the B2R gene C-58T polymorphism and essential hypertension (1).
Earlier studies have shown that ACE inhibitors are highly effective in the treatment of essential hypertension in reducing both SBP and DBP.
Odds Ratio (95% Confidence interval) for pregnancy-induced hypertension for the outcome of essential hypertension was 1.
more than 95 percent of all people, will develop essential hypertension at some point in their life, although some at a much later age than others.
This study was performed on 60 patients with essential hypertension having microalbuminuria attending the medical outpatient clinic and those admitted to the medical wards.
Though essential hypertension remains somewhat mysterious, it has been linked to certain risk factors.
To date, three common genetic variants of the aldosterone synthase gene (CYP11B2) have been identified as possible determinants of high blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension (5,6).
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