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ETASEnglish Teachers Association of Switzerland
ETASElevated Target Acquisition System
ETASEffective True Airspeed
ETASEmergency Technical Assistance Support (telecommunications)
ETASEscort Towed Array System
ETASEngineering Tools Applications and Services
ETASEnvironment for Trusted Ada Software
ETASEmerging Technology Advisory Service (International Data Corporation)
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Managed by ETAS GmbH, a subsidiary of Bosch, plans are to leverage the synergies between Vetronix and ETAS to strengthen both companies' market presence and product offerings.
I am very proud of the work being conducted by the IPTs and the early progress made by the ETAs to successfully transition to NGEN and to achieve the DON's vision for the Naval Networking Environment ~ 2016.
The ETAS tool set includes design, rapid prototyping and production code generation enabled by ETAS' ASCET-SD development environment; calibration enabled by INCA, ETAS' suite of integrated calibration and application tools; and complete systems and diagnostic tests using LabCar, a high-end, hardware-in-the-loop test system for electronic control units.
The time has come to admit that the ETA has failed to accomplish Congress's original goal of reducing the government's cost to make payments to consumers," said H.
Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, ETAS GmbH is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a $83 million privately-held company.
This side-engine processor then determines the appropriate route of travel, plots vehicle positions, updates ETAs and returns information to the host platform for easy viewing.
eta College is proud to welcome Momentum as its newest partner in their Golf Learnership Programme.