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EFGTOEthernet (Fast and Gigabit) Technical Overview
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MCI will also add Ethernet as an access option to the company's flagship MPLS-based VPN and fastest growing service, Private IP.
The next challenge in the crosshairs for Ethernet is moving beyond the Enterprise network to the connections between them--in the majority of cases, over public networks.
According to Hirschmann-USA (Pine Brook, NJ), a supplier of networking solutions, "Over the past five years, there have been many enhancements to the Ethernet standards, especially in areas of determinism, speed, and prioritization.
Our industry leading, silicon-proven Ethernet IP, combined with Mysticom's Ethernet PHY, will enable customers to deploy their product development plans with speed and greater reliability.
Businesses do have other options: Network attached storage (NAS) or gigabit Ethernet (GbE) E-SANs.
Although incumbent and competitive service providers are embracing Ethernet as a metro area networking solution, SONET will continue to be the dominant transport architecture for the foreseeable future," said Allen Leibovitch, director of communications semiconductor research at South San Francisco-based research firm, RHK.