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ETUIEuropean Trade Union Institute
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transfer skills in managing each of the above domains to ETUI staff so that they are able to develop online learning beyond the pilot stage with less dependency on outside specialists.
Remarkably, however, the construction of etui with perfect participle shows exactly the opposite behaviour, as it has spread through the paradigm.
Mode/type of cooperation The basis of cooperation would be a framework contract for a period of 1 year (potentially renewable twice after positive evaluation at the end of the first year) that would allow for the ETUI to order from the provider infographics or data visualisations according to the ETUI s specifications and based on data provided by the ETUI.
Tenders are invited for Etui Distance Learning Consultancy.
beaucoup moins que] Ces outils doivent etre places hors de la portee des enfants, ne mettez jamais vos couteaux et haches a meme le sol, ils doivent etre conserves dans leurs etuis, et ne jamais utilise une meuleuse pour affuter et affiler les couteaux en presence d'enfants (risque de projection d'eclats) [beaucoup plus grand que], a explique la meme source.
There were patch boxes, boxes for trinkets and jewellery, boxes for snuff, bonbonnieres (for holding scented cachous) and etuis (used to keep tweezers, scissors and such items in), all of which had a colourful picture on the lid.
The Georgian era saw the advent of more delicate tools, sometimes housed in the small fitted cases called etuis.
La saisie du miel, ainsi que de 864 etuis de savon a base de graines de nigelle, produits de contrebande provenant de Tunisie, a ete operee sur le CW 2 a un carrefour desservant les localites de Targuelt, Safel El Ouidane et Oum Laadaim, a precise Mlle Fatima Maache, chargee de la communication.