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Try a taste of history this weekend, then see if you can say etymology.
The first part of an entry, the "head," is a summary of the etymology.
This etymology is unacceptable due to irregular sound correspondences, however.
The comment on dingle (102), defined here as "A deep dell or hollow," tangles the reader into the etymology of Derndingle.
In the case of stems without loan etymology the stems which have dubious cognates in more distantly related languages are counted as certain stems in the layer where there is clear cognate and as dubious stems in the layer where the most distant dubious cognate is proposed.
As such etiologies illustrate, etymology is not destiny.
Sir Mortimer Wheeler, director of excavations at Lydney, realised the connection and asked Tolkien to work on the etymology of the name Nodens.
Also, according to him, there is yet to be a study in Qatar on the epidemiology and etymology of epilepsy and no comprehensive study has also be conducted among Qataris for the inherited epilepsy.
Dinner preparation stopped, everything else stopped, I redefined my friends as my audience and, for who knows how long, dragged them down the rabbit hole of the possible etymology of 'okay'.
The etymology of the word shofar is generally understood to be based on the words sippur or sapparu, Assyrian for a species of goat.
To the Editor: I read with great interest the article by Mannikko (1) on the etymology of cholera.
28): Surely, Nuss-baum is on to something in looking at the etymology of profanation.