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Lujan of the Complutense University, Madrid, has already considered this etymology for Coeliobriga (as he spells it).
The Department of Tourism might say: "Who reads the Dictionary of Etymology, anyway?" And judging from the dramatic increase of tourists in the Philippines, the slogan appears immensely successful in seducing foreigners to come in droves.
"Modern scholarship does not deal at all with the etymology of European or world languages from Hebrew," said Barat.
87); same page sir for sir (as Dietrich) or shir (this error again obscures the etymology: Pers.
Etymology means, says Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 'an account of the origins and the development in meaning of a word'.
Rather than being assigned numbers, each chapter is set apart alphabetically, with the etymology of each letter and definitions of unusual words that begin with it.
A rapidly improving stayer, Etymology failed to match the closing pace of Caulfield scorer Tarzino, who was a comfortable winner of the 2,500 metre contest.
Try a taste of history this weekend, then see if you can say etymology.
The etymology of each word in Turkish language will be extracted and compared with its counterpart in Urdu language in order to contrast the origins of both terms and verify whether in fact they are loanwords received from the same language directly they have been received through another language or rather the terms are cognates.
The Saami and Finnic words have been first equated by Koponen (2002), and despite the difference of meaning the etymology appears quite plausible.
Part II, "Tolkien as Wordwright," comprises forty-one pages of revelations about etymology and the OED.
Maltby cites over 4,000 words used in audiology and hearing-related areas, along with facts about their form and etymology, and the pronunciation for difficult or uncommon words.