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EHRedox Potential
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EHEvent Horizon
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EHEnglish Hardness (water)
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EHEmpty Height
EHEastern Hancock (high school)
EHEnfield Homes (Enfield, UK)
EHElectronic Warfare Helicopter (US Army)
EHExercise Head
EHEquivalent Hertz
EHEvaluation Headquarters
EHEngrossed in the House of Representatives (bill status)
EHSymbol for standard oxidation-reduction potential
EHEncyclopedia Holistica
EHExtremely High Risk Rating
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But some theorists suggest that there's something else there instead -- not a black hole, but an even stranger supermassive object that has somehow managed to avoid gravitational collapse to a singularity surrounded by an event horizon.
Passing the event horizon, you wouldn't notice much (except some fun light effects and several extra g's of gravity).
During the Spectrum Series Event, all four imperial stouts and The Event Horizon will be available on draft, in flight pours and in 22-ounce bottles.
Accordingly, even though proper time does not advance for lightlike particles, global relationships within the spacetime impose an insurmountable temporal impediment to their arrival at the event horizon.
The black hole solution in general relativity had a predictive power that few physicists anticipated--the surprising reality of the event horizon.
Then, (c) the family F evolves into a black hole event horizon represented by (H, [gamma], l) only if [[lambda].
Hawking and colleagues argue that anything that drifts into a black hole causes some of this light to shift along the event horizon.
The event horizon of a black hole is the point at which any celestial body can no longer defy the former's strong gravitational pull, says Cadiz Asset Management in their 2012 preview.
00pm) Documentary exploring the nature of reality, revealing how clues have been pieced together from deep within the atom, the event horizon of black holes and the far reaches of the cosmos.
It explores how clues have been pieced together from deep within the atom, the event horizon of black holes and the far reaches of the cosmos.
In studying the radial motion through the event horizon (a black hole's boundary) of two different types of black holes--Schwarzschild and Einstein-Rosen, both of which are mathematically legitimate solutions of general relativity--Poplawski admits that only experimentation or observation can reveal the motion of a particle falling into an actual black hole, but he also notes that, since observers only can see the outside of the black hole, the interior cannot be viewed unless someone (or something) enters or resides within.
The chilling chase in space adventure is reminiscent of films like Event Horizon and the cult Alien saga.