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EBNEpilepsy Benign Neonatal
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The MoU aims to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through continuous training and development, and applications of evidence-based nursing practices, as well as enhancing cooperation in the field of research, in addition to holding meetings and scientific forums.
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Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 5(4), 208-216.
This crucial event will provide greater insight on ICN's strategic direction and the Nursing Now campaign, while focusing on pertinent regional issues like the challenges posed by non-communicable diseases and patient safety; innovative approaches to patient care; transition from acute to community care; infection control and prevention; migration and workforce development; evidence-based nursing practice; and artificial intelligence and healthcare informatics.
These publications include books, newsletters, the online magazine Reflections in Nursing Leadership, and two professional nursing journals: Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing.
The HCA Excellence in Nursing Award for Professional Mentoring recognizes a mentoring nurse who advances nursing practice in any clinical setting or nursing specialty by guiding or supporting career development for individuals or groups of nurses or by advancing evidence-based nursing knowledge.
Extensively revised and updated with the new 2015-2017 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, it integrates the NIC and NOC taxonomies, evidence-based nursing interventions, and adult, paediatric, geriatric, multicultural, home care, and client/family teaching and discharge planning considerations, to guide you in creating unique, individualised care plans.
Through 41 chapters aimed mainly at nursing students in degree programs in the UK, nursing specialists from the UK explain the basics of nursing children and young people, focusing on the themes of child and family-centered care, critical thinking and depth of theoretical thinking, integration of acute and community care, interprofessional working and collaboration, evidence-based nursing, preparation for practice placements, health promotion, and safeguarding.
Over 300 nurses gathered at the event to share the latest medical knowledge, promote up-to-date, evidence-based nursing practice, and endorse high-quality patient care aimed at enhancing patient outcomes.
More than 300 nurses gathered to share the latest medical knowledge, promote up-to-date, evidence-based nursing practice, and endorse high-quality patient care aimed at enhancing patient outcomes.
The purpose of this article is to describe the process of developing a flipped classroom approach for an undergraduate evidence-based nursing practice course and discuss lessons learned from the process and the evaluation data.
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