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It may be observed however that Plato never intended to answer the question of casuistry, but only to exhibit the ideal of patient virtue which refuses to do the least evil in order to avoid the greatest, and to show his master maintaining in death the opinions which he had professed in his life.
If, Socrates, we are to be guided at all by the analogy of the preceding instances, then justice is the art which gives good to friends and evil to enemies.
And who is best able to do good to his friends and evil to his enemies in time of sickness?
Besides, he is not so overwise as to imagine that he knows whether death is a good or an evil; and he is certain that desertion of his duty is an evil.
And he is certain that imprisonment is an evil, exile is an evil.
SOCRATES: Do you mean that they think the evils which they desire, to be good; or do they know that they are evil and yet desire them?
MENO: That appears to be the truth, Socrates, and I admit that nobody desires evil.
Evil in itself - my legs weary apace these latter days
It disquieted me in my dreams - the evil in thy soul working through to mine.
Moreover, I said, if the woman had a spirit, it was an evil one, for no good spirit would ask the lives of children, but rather those of cattle, for it is against our custom to sacrifice human beings to the Amatonga even in war, though the Basuta dogs do so.
They answered that the spirit of the dead woman would lead him to bring evil on the royal house.
He tells of all the evil things she does, by which Langland means to show what wicked things men will do if tempted by bribery and the hope of gain.