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EWE TEL offers high-speed Internet, fixed line and mobile communications, online TV and high-end business solutions with focus on Northwest Germany.
The ewes were very varied in quality - the best Texel types did reach PS64 from Marlsborough Farm Ltd, Marlsborough.
Older ewes were also found to be more prone to acute mastitis and those with the infection were significantly more likely to have a lump in the udder when examined later in the same lactation.
Influence of body weight, age, and weight gain on fertility and prolificacy in four breeds of ewe lambs.
If the ewe returns to heat, she is not pregnant and will need to be rebred or culled.
The two teams certainly looked jaded in the opener and that's understandable since they had both been taken the distance in the semi-finals, Brose by Bayern Munich and EWE by Ratiopharm Ulm.
Ruthin, Wed, Sept 5 Remarks Welsh Halfbred yearling ewes at the Association''s official sale sold to pounds 180 Report Show champions were a pen of 40 ewes from Alun Evans, Ffrith Fedw, Prion, Denbigh, which fetched pounds 180.
However, in the current study, the use of LH was insufficient to concentrate the time to ovulation of the follicles from the same ewe and among the ewes, but it also seems to anticipate ovulation.
Back in October, we used a hormone implant to synchronise all our ewes.