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How (I thought to myself) am I to examine all these books?
I decided, if I did examine the book-case at all, to begin at the top.
I left the ladder in its place against the wall, and set myself to examine the contents of the cupboards first.
I knelt down to examine it, eager to clear my mind, if I could, of the degrading jealousy that had got possession of me.
I turned the photograph, sadly and penitently, to examine the portraits again with a kinder and truer appreciation of them.
Those of the apes who attempted to examine Kala's strange baby were repulsed with bared fangs and low menacing growls, accompanied by words of warning from Kala.
It will examine recommendations of a subcommittee headed by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak regarding a formula to determine increase in prices of commodities and control inflation.
Shahida Akhtar Ali will examine the appropriation accounts 2012-13 and audit report for year 2013-14.
The fourth chapter, for instance, examines dedicatory letters by Kepler and Galileo which accompanied their seminal works--Astronomia Nova (1609) and Sidereus Nuncius (1610)--bringing into sharp relief the wider socio-political milieu of the two scientists.
Michael Livingston examines Tolkien's World War I experiences and his uniquely sympathetic depiction of Frodo as a shell-shocked soldier.
In this book about the history and future of African filmmaking, Armes examines the effects globalization, national and cultural identity and sociopolitical context have had on African filmmakers and their industry.
The researchers recommend interviewing families that attend family camps to examine if/how they feel the camp is strengthening their family.