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I decided, if I did examine the book-case at all, to begin at the top.
I left the ladder in its place against the wall, and set myself to examine the contents of the cupboards first.
I knelt down to examine it, eager to clear my mind, if I could, of the degrading jealousy that had got possession of me.
I turned the photograph, sadly and penitently, to examine the portraits again with a kinder and truer appreciation of them.
Those of the apes who attempted to examine Kala's strange baby were repulsed with bared fangs and low menacing growls, accompanied by words of warning from Kala.
The next two articles, "An Introduction to Cognitive Strategies and Skills for Practice and Performance" and "Coping with Performance Anxiety: Inner Game of Music Strategies," by Lehrer, examine the mental challenges of performing and techniques for coping with performance anxiety.
Hence it is important to examine the effect that student-teacher interactions and teachers' self-perceived competence has on students' attitudes.
We used two P2 antagonists of differing selectivity to examine the role of P2X receptors in the action of pPfTx to induce c-fos luciferase and cytotoxicity.
Instead of focusing on the work pornography performs in the culture (for the author or for the audience) Harvey examines how erotica works as a textual practice.
Michael Livingston examines Tolkien's World War I experiences and his uniquely sympathetic depiction of Frodo as a shell-shocked soldier.
These chapters examine such issues as stage fright, psychosomatic aches and pains, self-talk, criticism, visualization and so forth.
However, because the leadership of the Navy strongly supports a competency-based alignment, it behooves the civilian leadership to examine ways to implement one.