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EXExecutive Office
EXExhibit (court documents)
EXExisting (drafting and design)
EXExecute (IBM)
EXExplosion Protected (safety rating applicable to equipment & hazardous areas)
EXExeter (postal code for Exeter, England)
EXExtinct (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category)
EXExecutor (IRB)
EXExponential (n!)
EXExecutive Class (various companies)
EXExchange Online Store (AAFES)
EXExecutive-Level Appointment
EXAerolineas Santo Domingo, SA - Dominican Republic (IATA airline code)
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cried Ned Land, who was carried away by the delights of the chase, "what excellent game, and stewed, too
He could hardly believe, when he reflected on it, that he had sent away untasted his excellent breakfast at the hotel.
They left him to judge for himself how well they were satisfied, by remaining a day longer in Venice than they had originally planned to do, solely for the purpose of enjoying the excellent accommodation offered to them by the new hotel.
Strickland, in refuting the account which had gained belief of a certain "unpleasantness" between his father and mother, to state that Charles Strickland in a letter written from Paris had described her as "an excellent woman," since Dr.
When I was a private," said Omby Amby, "I was an excellent army, as I fully proved in our war against the Nomes.
For my head, in which are my excellent brains, is a bag tied at the bottom.
Da Souza exclaimed, depositing his silk hat upon the table, "it is a very excellent joke of yours.
He walked about the whole day and only brought back three birds, but to make up for that--he brought back, as he always did from shooting, an excellent appetite, excellent spirits, and that keen, intellectual mood which with him always accompanied violent physical exertion.
THE great dance was not to begin until eight o'clock, but for any lads and lasses who liked to dance on the shady grass before then, there was music always at hand--for was not the band of the Benefit Club capable of playing excellent jigs, reels, and hornpipes?
A woman who sends me such excellent cream-cheese is not to be neglected.
Easy, idiomatic, correct, this English version reads like an excellent original English work, and gives fresh proof that the work of translation, if it is to be done with effect, must be done by those who, possessing, like Mrs.
IN PARTICULAR This Work Is Dedicated By A Humble Native Of Flatland In the Hope that Even as he was Initiated into the Mysteries OF THREE DIMENSIONS Having been previously conversant With ONLY TWO So the Citizens of that Celestial Region May aspire yet higher and higher To the Secrets of FOUR FIVE or EVEN SIX Dimensions Thereby contributing To the Enlargement of THE IMAGINATION And the possible Development Of that most and excellent GIFT of MODESTY Among the Superior Races Of SOLID HUMANITY