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XCTRExciter (An/Alq-99 Jamming Pod)
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The company reports that the DVE6100 and IRD6200 are the smallest and lightest 4K UHD DVB-S2X exciter and 4K UHD HEVC DVB-S2X IRD available in the market.
Exciter is brand new for this year, and a Crow's spokesman: "This is the only ride of its kind in the UK and is brand new to the UK this year."
Eric Pinson, business unit manager, TeamCast, said: "We're excited to continue to empower the field testing of the amazingly rich ATSC 3.0 technology with our Vortex exciter. The introduction of LDM as a simple software upgrade demonstrates that this exciter is continuously evolving in the direction broadcasters may expect, as a future-proof investment, even beyond its dual ATSC 1.0/3.0 feature."
In addition to winning the contract to refurbish an existing generator stator and rotor, Quartzelec was also contracted to design, build and commission a new AC brushless exciter to replace the old DC exciter.
Maxiva VAXTE transmitters and the Maxiva XTE exciter are made in the USA at GatesAir's Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center.
Distribution of the magnetic field in the magnetic circuit of the exciter consisting of a core, two pole pieces, a permanent magnet and some air gaps, is obtained on the basis of the finite element method (FEM).
Until recently, the vast majority of vibration testing has been conducted on a single exciter that would impart translational motion to the test payload in a single mechanical degree of freedom (1-DOF).
There are two critical parameters of the exciter that determine the CP performance, i.e., [alpha] and [beta] As shown in Figs.
The vehicle features new 'exciter' speakers located in the car's leather headliner, an updated amplifier and a new Ghost wheel option.
The fully self-contained Endevco model 28959F/28959FV calibration system consists of a built-in vibration exciter, signal generator, computer-controlled amplifier, and servo mechanism, along with an internal reference accelerometer, thermal printer, RS-232 serial interface, LCD display screen, signal conditioners, connectors, and mounting accessories.