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EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EISEnterprise Information Systems
EISElectronic Image Stabilization (photography)
EISEnvironmental Impact Study
EISEarly Intervention Services
EISEnglish Institute of Sport (UK)
EISExecutive Information System
EISEnterprise Infrastructure Services (various organizations)
EISElectrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
EISEnterprise Infrastructure Solutions (software)
EISElectronic Ignition Systems
EISEpidemic Intelligence Service (CDC)
EISEnterprise Investment Schemes (UK financial information)
EISEncrypt Instruction Set
EISEngine Induction System
EISElectronic Image Stabilization
EISEnterprise Information System
EISExternal Information System
EISEmirates International School (United Arab Emirates)
EISExtreme Ice Survey (est. 2007; photography project)
EISEducational Institute of Scotland
EISEuropean International School (Philippines)
EISEuropean Innovation Scoreboard
EISEuro Information Services (France)
EISEnergy Imbalance Service
EISEnvironmental Information Systems
EISEntry Into Service (date)
EISEnterprise Information Services
EISElectronic Information Services
EISEuropean Information System
EISEastern Irish Sea
EISEducation Information Service (various organizations)
EISEmployee Information System
EISEngineering Installation Squadron
EISEnterprise Information Security
EISEarly Intervention Specialist
EISEmergency Information System
EISExtreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer
EISExternal Integrated System
EISEconomic Information System
EISEyes in the Sky
EISEngineering Information System
EISEpidemiological Intelligence Service (US CDC)
EISÉlectronique Informatique Services (French: Electronic Computer Services)
EISEnterprise Integration Suite (software)
EISEntretien Installation Service (French: Installation Maintenance Service)
EISEssbase Integration Services (Hyperion)
EISExtended Instruction Set
EISElectronic Instrument System
EISEnterprise Incentive Scheme (tax rebate scheme; UK)
EISEnvironmental Impact Survey
EISEudora Internet Suite
EISEntertainment Industry Studies (Belmont University; Nashville, TN)
EISExpressive Intelligence Studio (University of California, Santa Cruz)
EISElster Integrated Solutions (Germany)
EISEngineering Integrity Society
EISExpress Intérim Service (France)
EISÉcole d'Initiation Sportive (French: Initiation School Sports)
EISEritrean Islamic Salvation (Eritrea)
EISElectronic Industrial Services (various locations)
EISEnhanced Income Security
EISEntreprise Internationale de Sécurité (French: International Corporate Security)
EISEisenhower Interstate System
EISEnvironmental Impact System
EISElite Information Systems
EISElectronic Information Security
EISEquipment In Service
EISEntreprise, Innovation, Société (French: Enterprise, Innovation and Society)
EISErinaceous Insurance Services (EU)
EISÉditions de l'Immobilier Social (French: Publishing Real Estate Social)
EISExpanded Inband Signaling
EISEnd Item Specification
EISExternal Interface Specification
EISElectrically Isolated Silver (colloidal silver)
EISEnrollment Information Service (ACT, Inc.)
EISEnhanced Information System
EISExpert Information System
EISEffective Isotropic Sensitivity
EISEquipment Imbalance Surcharge (shipping industry)
EISEcoforestry Institute Society (British Columbia, Canada)
EISEnhanced Imagery System
EISEnterprise Infrastructure Security Initiative (EPRI)
EISEvent Information System
EISEnterprise Internet Services
EISEffluent Inventory System
EISExecutive Interface System
EISElectron Impact Spectroscopy
EISEquipment Issue Scale
EISElectromagnetic Intelligence System
EISEnd Interruption Sequence
EISExecutive Interface Structure
EISEscamilla Intermediate School (Texas)
EISEconomic Information Systems, Incorporated
EISEnforcement Investigation System
EISEstimating Information System
EISEnvironmental Industry Council
EISErasure Insertion Scheme
EISElectronics/Engineering Installation Squadron
EISEmployee Inquiry System
EISEmirates Internet Services (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
EISÉlément Important pour la Sûreté (French: Important Element in Security)
EISEmployee Insight System (Questar)
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The advantage of an Executive Information System is that it uses data from various sources which can be easily read and interpreted y (Data Sources for the EIS - fig.
* Technology will be leveraged effectively in terms of thin client technology, development of intranet and an executive information system (EIS), improvements to back-up systems, helpdesk, disaster recovery and business continuity.
Dashboards--in the form of executive information systems (EIS)--go back around 15 years; most early versions focused on financial performance.
Modules include Registration/ADT, Waiting List, Billing/Accounts Receivable, Acute Care Billing, Physicians Billing, Home Healthcare Billing, Outpatient Billing, Adult Day Car Billing, DME Billing, Trust Fund Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, G/L PC Analysis/Graphics, Daily Charting/Forms Tool, RUGs, MDS 2.0, Care Planning, Interdisciplinary Notes, Staff Scheduling, Review Scheduling, Order Entry, Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, In-Service Attendance, Dietary, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Insurance Correspondence Tracking, Vital Signs Tracking, Accident/Incident Reporting, Preadmission Assessment Costing Tool, Executive Information System, Point-of-Sale System and more.
"We don't want this area to be the next EIS (executive information system) market where the applications are limited to the top executives in a closed war room," he said, "It needs to be accessible by all." Moreover, Oracle's and SAP's systems are only linked to their ERP systems, whereas integrating Sapling's software with Hyperion's Essbase OLAP server enables companies to use the performance management software against ERP and customer relationship management applications; financial data and HR systems.
CAAIS's underlying security technology is also the foundation for three other Penn State initiatives that require strong security: the Executive Information System, the Virtual Electronic Library, and electronic commerce.
"The executive information system for top-level management will provide a view of what is selling from the catalog and the retail outlets so that decisions can be made and inventory adjusted quickly," Rice explained.
It also offers an Executive Information System feature, a direct link with Microsoft Excel, allowing users to view data in graphical or spreadsheet form.
Open architecture also offers the ability to incorporate the company's existing data bases, which lets users draw information from a variety of sources into the decision support and executive information system. Kormos added, "Iroquois' vision was to establish a single, consistent user interface that provided access to all the company's information, without regard to its origin or form.
Finally, there seemed to be no flexible multimedia Executive Information System software that enables a user to "drill down" into graphic, non-graphic, and image databases in an easy and non-structured (predefined) manner.
In addition to the enhanced LIBS 100plus, Geac also debuted the Director's Workstation, an executive information system for library administrators.
The Executive Information System (EIS) is a set of management tools supporting the information and decision-making needs of management by combining information available within the organisation with external information in an analytical framework.
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