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ETEastern Time
ETEntertainment Tonight (TV show)
ETElapsed Time
ETEnd Time
ETEconomic Times (newspaper in India)
ETEarly Times (Kentucky bourbon)
ETExternal Tank (US NASA; Space Shuttle)
ETEnemy Territory
ETEnvironmental Technology
ETEngineering Technology
ETEducational Technology (various schools)
ETExecution Time
ETEarly Type (weapon)
ETElevated Temperature
ETElectronic Transmission
ETExercise Time
ETElectronic Technology
ETEnd Tidal
ETExpert Team
ETEmbryo Transfer
ETEvan Turner (basketball player)
ETEmployment Training
ETEarly Termination
ETExecutive Team (various organizations)
ETEmerging Technology
ETEssential Tremor
ETExperimental Therapeutics (cancer research)
ETEffective Temperature
ETEvaluation Team
ETEmissions Trading
ETExercise Tolerance (cardiology)
ETEnabling Technologies
ETElectrical Test
ETEnergy and Technology
ETElectronics Technician
ETElectronic Time
ETEndotracheal Tube
ETEddy (Current) Testing (NDE method)
ETEngineering Technician (NICET)
ETExit Time
ETEdge Thickness (optics)
ETEmployment Tribunal (UK)
ETEvent Timer
ETEmergency Telecommunications
ETEmployment Taxes
ETEsotropia (form of strabismus)
ETErsatzteil (German: spare part)
ETEx Tempore (Latin: At That Time)
ETExpansion Tank (water tank)
ETEqual Temperament (musical tuning system)
ETEnterprise Technology
ETElliptical Trainer
ETEssential Thrombocythemia (overproduction of platelets)
ETElephant Talk
ETEthyl Group (Ch3ch2)
ETEngineering Test
ETEarly Transcendentals (calculus education)
ETEnd Transmission
ETExtra Traffic
ETEnd Transaction
ETEnd Turn (gaming)
ETEngineering Times
ETEarth Tech (Long Beach, California)
ETEquivalent Training
ETExhaustive Testing
ETEnhanced Technology
ETEarth Terminal
ETEmbedded Training
ETExternal Test
ETEjection Time
ETEvent Tree
ETEphemeris Time
ETElectronic Tool
ETEnhanced Telephone
ETEx Testamento (Latin: From Hi/Her Will, epigraphy)
ETEjército de Tierra (Spanish Army)
ETEndurance Testing
ETEnhanced Throughput
ETExponential Tail
ETEnterostomal Therapist
ETEarlsfort Terrace (University College, Dublin Campus)
ETEnterprise Toronto
ETElectronic Tongue
ETExchange Terminal
ETFCC Office of Engineering and Technology
ETEnterprise Transition (Strategy)
ETExchange Termination
ETExploring Transfer (Vassar College; Poughkeepsie, NY)
ETElectrical Transcription
ETEthiopian Airlines Enterprise (IATA airline code)
ETEnergy Technology Programs
ETEmergency Transaction
ETExtrathoracic Region
ETEscape Tone (music)
ETEnhancement Traffic
ETEcotox Threshold (EPA)
ETElectronic Technican
ETElogic Technologies Pvt Ltd. (India)
ETElement Tracker (Sprint)
ETEpstein Technique (oral history)
ETEnhanced Trackwolf
ETEagle Talisman (amulet in game Shilla)
ETEinrücktermin (German)
ET(USN Rating) Electronics Technician
ETEntomofauna of Turkey
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Accuracy of exercise tolerance test in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease in patients with left dominant coronary circulation.
In other words, when a treadmill and exercise tolerance testing is not available, can you just see how many push-ups a person can do as a quick and dirty way (really dirty if the floor is very dirty) to determine a person's cardiovascular health status and risk for future bad events?
In preexisting diastolic dysfunction, if continue to have E/A reversal, there was reduced exercise tolerance and if not continue to have E/A reversal, there was better exercise tolerance.
Decreased exercise tolerance Few dogs show all of these signs.
As a result, people with CHF often experience an increase in symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue and a resultant reduction in exercise tolerance and quality of life (Somaratne et al 2009).
The Zephyr EBV is a minimally invasive treatment for severe emphysema that improves lung function, exercise tolerance and quality of life for patients receiving treatment.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon used a televised press conference just hours before the announcement to call on the people of Ferguson to exercise tolerance, respect and restraint, whatever the decision.
The trial will assess safety and feasibility endpoints including adverse events, cardiac function, exercise tolerance, myocardial viability and perfusion, and quality of life over a one year follow-up period.
Washington -- Expressing concern over Pakistan Defence Ministry's complaint to the country's media regulatory authority against Geo News channel, a top US media body has asked security services to exercise tolerance and maturity.
A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of Baby Boomers complaining of persistent fatigue showed that Bioenergy Ribose reinvigorated subjects, providing them with new energy and greater exercise tolerance. In the two-week study, subjects were given 3-g doses twice per day of either Bioenergy Ribose or dextrose.
Painless running for defined periods of time or courses was used to quantify exercise tolerance [11].