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EVExtended Validation
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EVElectron Volt
EVEnterprise Value
EVExposure Value (photography)
EVEarned Value
EVEvanescence (band)
EVExpected Value
EVEscape Velocity
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EVEscape Velocity (computer game)
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EVEnter Vehicle (police incident code)
EVEn Ville (French: In Town)
EVEingetragener Verein (German: Registered Association)
EVEaux Vannes (French: Water Valves)
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EVExhaust Valve
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EVEesti Vabariik (Estonian Republic)
EVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis
EVExternal Verification
EVExperimental Version
EVEntry Vehicle
EVEczema Vaccinatum (reaction to Smallpox vaccination)
EVEngineer Vehicle
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EVEndogenous Virus
EVEnvironmental Volunteers
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EVExtra Variable
EVExtreme Voice (Ultravox fanzine)
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The first compression wave right after the exhaust valve opening (EVO) was created by the pressure difference between the hot gas inside the cylinder and in the exhaust pipe.
Accordingly, titanium alloys have been used positively in intake valves, which are used in a lower temperature environment than that of exhaust valves.
6) The exhaust valve opening is optimal as high when the speed is low but it fluctuates around a certain average value at higher speed.
Continental makes it clear, and we think it's applicable for Lycomings, that a borescope must be used to check on exhaust valve condition.
The methodology of proceedings can be presented on the basis of the exhaust valve defect in the Fiat engine (Fig.
This expansion/compression cycling continues until the pressure at the inlet becomes so low that the up-stroke's contractive effect cannot compress the gas to a high enough pressure to open the exhaust valve against atmospheric pressure.
Ceramic seat inserts have reduced exhaust valve wear by a factor of six in Tecogen's 75-kW natural gas cogeneration engine, translating to a cylinder head life close to 20,000 hours.
It would be undesirable to transmit the high loads associated with opening an exhaust valve against the high pressure of a compression release event through the HLA.
This section comprises in a 4-valve concept the pipe section starting from the exhaust valve up to the junction of the ports.
It has normal cylinders without ports, and a normal cylinder head with two inlet and two exhaust valves per cylinder.
He noticed that for as much as 150 hours of engine operation prior to the time an exhaust valve fails, it generates a distinctive EGT pattern--an approximately one minute-long cycle over a 30- to 60-degree range.
The lens is anti-mist and anti-scratch coated as standard, and the mask holder and filter weigh less than 60g, including an integral exhaust valve.