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EEnlisted (military)
EEcstasy (3,4-Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine, MDMA)
Ebase for the natural logarithm; approximately 2.71828
EEven (par; golf)
ESpecial Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EEstate (IRB)
EEnterprise (Rent-A-Car)
EExtra (as in extra fine)
ELondon East (postcode, United Kingdom)
EEntertainment Television
EEveryone (ESRB)
EEdge (welded joint type)
EExplorer (Microsoft)
EEuro (European currency)
EEnhanced (911 service)
EElectrical Field (physics)
EExposure Level
EEndangered (species classification)
EEminem (rapper)
EExcellence (Navy award given to ships or units for top performance)
EVolt (electronics)
EEarl (British title of nobility)
ENew Brunswick (Canada Post designation)
EFailing Grade (used instead of or in addition to F)
EElectra (Records)
EExpectation (mathematics; probability theory)
EEnergizer (battery)
EEquilibrium (economics)
EEuropean Route (European interstate)
EEspana (Spain) (International Auto Identification)
EExa- (10^18, SI Prefix)
EEni Spa (stock symbol)
EExchequer (UK)
EYoung's Modulus (of elasticity)
EEscherichia (genus of the E. coli bacterium)
ETocopherol Acetate (vitamin)
EEmitter (transistor; electronics)
EGlutamate (amino acid)
EEnron Corp.
EErlang (telephone traffic analysis)
EEnlisted Man
EEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EElectromotive Force (voltage)
EElectronic/Electronics (US military aircraft designation; as in E-3A)
EEpoxy Coated Rebar (also seen as ECR)
EEstimated Sign (European packaging)
EFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
EHave Directed Traffic (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
ETotal probable error
ESpecial Electronic Installation (US Military aerospace mission designation)
EEsophoria at Distance
EUndenominated United States Stamp (25 cents, introduced 3 Apr 1988)
EElectronic Night Bombing Installation (US Navy)
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Upon completion of the first draft of the vocabulary, it was compared to several existing works, including an early nonhierarchical HIV-specific arrangement developed by librarians at Philadelphia's AIDS Information Network.
Smaller space requirements, together with the ability to control plasticity, give MCTD extruders the unique ability to be combined with existing hot feed extruders, enabling multi-component extrusions to be produced.
In the ACI clinical workstation (ACI CWS) subproject, the familiar desktop metaphor is expanded to make a clinically intuitive information environment allowing easy navigation to all of our existing clinical information system elements, as well as reliable and consistent information presentation integrated by the specialized task at hand.
Tax planning strategies also require a knowledge of the pattern and timing of the reversal of existing temporary differences.
When patient bedrooms are being added or altered as part of a planned renovation of an entire wing, a department, or other discrete area of an existing medical facility, 50% of the patient bedrooms that are being added or altered shall comply with the ADA.
Also, any accrued and unpaid interest will also be paid in respect of the existing bonds in accordance with the terms and conditions of the existing bonds.
Alterations to existing windows at ground and first floor levels to access proposed extension.
Basic pay scale BS-10 to BS-15 have also been revised from existing rates Rs 3,000 to revised rates Rs 6,000, BS-16 to BS-17 from existing rates Rs 3,000 to revised rates Rs 8,000, BS-18 to BS-19 from existing rates Rs 3,000 to revised rates Rs 10,000 and BS-20 and above from existing rates Rs 3,000 to revised rates Rs 12,000.
NAR also reported that the median existing single-family home price in August was down 12.1 percent from a year ago, reaching $177,500.
NYMEX chairman Richard Schaeffer said, "NYMEX is proud to be the first existing building in New York to be 'green certified'.
And [yet] we see them existing, and thus their existence must be eternal, beyond time.
It has a similar consistency to wood pulp, and existing paper mills can adapt to it with existing infrastructure.