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X10 (Roman numeral)
XUnknown Quantity (variable)
XExperimental (US Military aircraft designation, as in X-1)
XTelephone Extension
XX Windows (TCP/IP-based network-oriented window system)
XMultiplied by
XMPAA Movie Rating for Adults Only
XSpecial Equipment (Stores 100 code)
XGeneration X
XX-ray (aviation letter code)
XEx (former)
XCorporation (IRB)
XExcept (medical orders)
XTransfer (prefix)
XExtreme (games)
XStrike (bowling)
XMalcolm X
XAxis (ophthalmological-related)
XHalogen (organic chemistry)
XNorthwest Territories (postal code designation, Canada)
XBrigade (Graphical Representation/Army)
XX Chromosome (genetics)
XÉcole Polytechnique (French famous university)
XXerox Corporation
XX Gene (X-Men)
XOffensive team (sports/coaching)
XBehind the Goal (Lacrosse)
XSpecial Distribution (Air Force)
XPersonal Mark (or signature)
X50 Proof (Alcoholic Beverages)
XFemale Chromosome
XPerpendicular to Orbit Plane
XInitial Position Error (of casualty)
X8-12 GHz frequency band
XExophoria At Distance (ophthalmology)
XHorizontal axis in Cartesian coordinate system
X[not an acronym] Last name taken by some Nation of Islam members
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Because existing buildings have so many pre-existing constraints, owners often don't consider them for "green" re-design, but there are more of them in our urban setting than new buildings.
The ability to emulate existing tape devices/libraries allows an organization to maintain current processes and procedures as well as its existing software environment making it overall less expensive to integrate than a generic disk-to-disk solution.
The real value in the existing building lies in the shear volume of materials that are already on site and in place, which will not have to be purchased, shipped and installed to create new structures.
There are several inherent benefits to utilizing existing Ethernet infrastructures.
Moving from perception, interpretation, and analysis to theory, one important difference between the early taxonomy and the new Circuits of Theory is that the original did not place enough emphasis on the differences between the individual and societal perspectives in relation to knowledge both existing and undiscovered.
Design variation C would realign the highway 394 feet south of the existing alignment near the ruins and rejoin the existing alignment east of 175th Street East.
Expenses incurred by an existing business do not qualify for amortization, as "these expenses will continue to be currently deductible.
Companies reported temporary basis differences that have unique reversal patterns giving rise to deductions not expected to occur until far beyond the reversal of existing taxable differences.
MCTD vacuum screws and barrels are available for converting existing coldfeed extruders.
Any existing facility that undergoes major alteration or renovation after January 26,1992 must be "readily accessible" and comply with the ADA Accessibility Guidelines unless the cost of compliance is disproportionate to the overall cost of the alterations.
Mailing disclosures to existing customers does not promote the bill's purpose to provide disclosures when consumers are shopping for an account.
NYSE: REV), announced today that its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Revlon Consumer Products Corporation ("RCPC"), plans to refinance its existing credit agreement as part of the Company's overall plans to improve cash flow and strengthen its balance sheet and capital structure.