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Among these, the frequency of exotropia, esotropia and intermittent were comparatively high in the year 2016 in which 291, 207 and 35 patients were recorded respectively.
With the ophthalmoscope, the reflexes showed generally good alignment and often exotropia was not observable when wearing glasses.
The exclusion criteria were lack of cooperation, previous strabismus surgery, amblyopia, absence of random-dot stereopsis, developmental delay or sensory or paralytic exotropia, major systemic diseases, and other ophthalmologic disorders such as retinal and optical nerve diseases.
A 10-year-old male patient underwent strabismus surgery twice (in 2009 and 2015) under general anesthesia following the diagnosis of concomitant exotropia. At 2 weeks postoperatively in 2015, the patient complained of redness affecting the left eye (the second operated eye) and a conjunctival cyst was found at the nasal side.
Se valoro en el postquirurgico con una evolucion satisfactoria, sin ser necesaria terapia coadyuvante, presento disminucion de la proptosis y la exotropia y mejoria en la movilidad ocular, sin embargo no mostro mejoria en la agudeza visual por la atrofia de nervio optico.
Refractive glasses for exotropia. Psychological and social support to patient and parents.
He underwent two skin procedures at the age of 2 years to close the nose defect as well as bilateral lateral rectus recessions of 6.0 mm for intermittent exotropia when he was six years old.
Two patients presented with CSF rhinorrhea alone, 2 patients had repeated episodes of meningitis, 2 patients had other neurologic sequelae, and 1 patient had exotropia due to associated orbital injury.
Al examen neurooftalmologico el fondo de ojo sin edema de papila, la agudeza visual 20/25 bilateral con pupilas simetricas de 3 mm reactivas al estimulo fotomotor directo y consensual; en la mirada en reposo se evidenciaba exotropia izquierda con movimiento de refijacion del ojo izquierdo al realizar el test de oclusion alternante.
Otras afecciones vinculadas con el Sindrome de Alagille son: microcornea, keratocono, distrofia macular congenita, camara anterior superficial, exotropia, queratopatia en banda y cataratas.
Accommodation dynamics in divergence excess exotropia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.
Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, 10, the eldest child of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, has had exotropia - a condition that turns one eye outwards - since birth.