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Brooke to write a letter: his only difficulty was to write a short one, and his ideas in this case expanded over the three large pages and the inward foldings.
"We can't put up with the innocence of nasty little children," said the great and expanded personage, expanding a little more, as it were.
If the wing of friendship should never moult a feather, the wing of relationship should never be clipped, but be always expanded and serene.
The man was upon one knee, his back in the angle of the wall, his shoulders elevated to the level of his ears, his hands before his face, palms outward, the fingers spread and crooked like claws; the white face turned upward on the retracted neck had an expression of unutterable fright, the mouth half open, the eyes incredibly expanded. He was stone dead.
The girlhood of which she had been cheated seemed to come back to her with the ripeness of womanhood; she expanded like a flower of flame and perfume; no laugh was readier than hers, no wit quicker, in the twilight circles of that enchanted summer.
And I hope it is not at all unlikely that he may expand(as a clerk of your acquaintance has expanded) into a partner.
In my study, utilizing an expanded function dental assistant increased the number of patients seen in a day by 30-50%.
In early 2004 The College hired a full-time content manager, who provided the necessary person power to expand Philly Health Info's geographic coverage to include the entire city of Philadelphia.
The obvious next step is to modestly expand the electrical storage capacity of the gas-electric hybrids so that owners can plug in their hybrids to recharge the batteries during the nighttime hours when electricity demand drops.
The Doha Development Round is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lower trade barriers and expand economic opportunities throughout the world.
The goal of career counseling, particularly with middle school students, is not to determine a delimited career choice but rather to expand students' learning about potential career and educational interests, abilities, beliefs, and options.
* Authorizes expanded activities in foreign branches of U.S.