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Expansion boards are called "shields" in the Arduino world and Blackmagic Design decided to take advantage of this standardized expansion capability to build its Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield interface card.
When you turn the attached module and expansion board on their side, both pieces should fit evenly and sit in parallel with each other.
The ALPR expansion board is installed into a new or existing MW810, eliminating hardware costs and space constraints associated with the need for a separate ALPR processing unit in a vehicle.
Because the PC expansion board provides real-time compression, you can use a high-speed phone connection instead of an audio board for terrestial transmission.
The Garrett 50C expansion board is ideal for IoT applications, such as home automation control interfaces or handheld device development.
These starter kits can be used for stand-alone development and also work with Microchip development platforms such as its Multimedia Expansion Board (part # DM320005) to enable the development of high-impact user interfaces.
When used in conjunction with the PSoC Development Kit, the PSoC Expansion Board Kit For iPhone & iPod Accessories offers support for the company's PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 product families, as well as the PSoC 1 family.
Once customers are satisfied with their expansion board designs in Geppetto[R] D2O, engineers at Gumstix will test and validate the board design, manufacture and ship the production ready board 15 days from order; reducing both the production and development time for the customer.
Intel(R) Edison board mounted on the Intel(R) Arduino expansion board with the latest firmware version.
5 MB with an optional RAM expansion board, and 2 MB ROM.