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EDDDoctor of Education (degree)
EDDEmployment Development Department (California)
EDDEconomic Development Department (various organizations)
EDDEvolutionary Database Design (software)
EDDElectronic Data Discovery (litigation evidence research)
EDDÉducation au Développement Durable (French: Education for Sustainable Development)
EDDEndothelium-Dependent Dilation
EDDEconomic Development District
EDDEarliest Due Date (packet scheduling)
EDDEstimated Delivery Date
EDDExpected Date of Delivery (obstetrics)
EDDEurope Dental Distribution (various locations)
EDDExplosive Detection Dog
EDDEnvironmental Due Diligence (commercial requirement)
EDDElectronic Data Deliverable(s)
EDDEnhanced Disk Drive
EDDEarliest Due Date
EDDExport Diagnostic Data
EDDElectronic Document Delivery
EDDEnd-Diastolic Dimension (cardiology)
EDDEurope of Democracies and Diversities
EDDEthernet Demarcation Device
EDDElement Definition Document
EDDEnhanced Due Diligence (regulatory requirements)
EDDEntry Denial Device
EDDEngagement dans le Développement Durable (French: Commitment to Sustainable Development)
EDDEarly Disease Detection
EDDEnterprise Development Division (Trinidad and Tobago)
EDDElectronic Document Distribution
EDDÉcole Doctorale de Dauphine (French: Graduate School of Dauphine; Paris Dauphine University; Paris, France)
EDDExplosive Detection Device
EDDEnterprise Data Distribution
EDDElectronic Digital Device
EDDEnforcement Decision Document
EDDElectronic Due Diligence
EDDEmotional Detachment Disorder (psychology)
EDDEnvelope Delay Distortion
EDDEastman Department of Dentistry (University of Rochester; New York)
EDDEuropean Database Directive (trade)
EDDExperimental Design Diagram
EDDError Diffusion Dithering (color quantization)
EDDEarliest Delivery Date
EDDEstimated Departure Date
EDDError Detecting Device
EDDExample Driven Design (software design)
EDDEducational Dollars for Duty (Florida)
EDDEnterprise Design Document
EDDExternal Design Document
EDDElectron Dense Deposit
EDDEarliest Date Due
EDDEnterprise Dictionary Database (Army Knowledge Online)
EDDEstimated Deployment Date
EDDEngineering for Design and Development
EDDEstimated Defect Density
EDDExtended Data Definition
EDDElectronic Distribution Delivery (EMC2)
EDDEquipment Degradation Document
EDDEnhanced Disc Drive
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Confirmation of gestational age and expected date of delivery by first trimester or early second trimester scanning.
She will also ask whether this baby was planned, how long ago you stopped using contraceptives or what contraceptive you were using when you got pregnant - and the date of the first day of your last menstrual period to calculate your expected date of delivery.
However, Advance Information Regarding Expected Date Of Delivery To Site In-Charge Must Be Given Well In Time For Making Unloading Arrangements Under Advice To Originator Of Call-Off.e[logical not]Bre1/2e[logical not]Bre1/2 In Case Of Any Clarification Pertaining To E-Procurement Process, The Tenderer May Contact The Following Personnel Of M/S Bpcl Before The Pre-Bid Meeting Date.e[logical not]Bre1/2 Procurement Leader : e[logical not]Bre1/2 Mr.Manimarand Dasaraj e[logical not]Bre1/2 Landline No.
INTRODUCTION: An accurate establishment of expected date of delivery is fundamental in the management of Obstetrics.
A baby's birthday is not under anybody's control and it's quite inhuman that your boyfriend should take against the pregnancy because the expected date of delivery (EDD) happens to fall on the same date as his mother's death.
INTRODUCTION: In obstetrics clinicians are always worried about pregnancy crossing expected date of delivery and it becomes commonest indication for induction of labour (1-3).
INTRODUCTION: The Expected date of delivery has remained always of profound importance for the treating doctor as well as the expectant woman and her relatives.
The subject of the tender is to ensure the performance of public passenger transport services by regular public transport in order to provide transport services Zlin region, on specific parts of the territory of the Region, with the expected date of delivery fulfillment services is the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2027.
However, Advance Information Regarding Expected Date Of Delivery To Site In-Charge Must Be Given Well In Time For Making Unloading Arrangements Under Advice To Originator Of Call-Off.e[logical not]Bre1/2e[logical not]Bre1/2 In Case Of Poor Response, Bpcl Reserves The Right To Extend Due Date..e[logical not]Bre1/2e[logical not]Bre1/2 If Not Interested, Please Send Regret Letter Stating Reasons Within Due Date.
Expected date of delivery: in installments over a period of 36 months from the datesigning12.
Expected date of delivery: from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2019.
Expected date of delivery and movable facilities: October 2015the particulars referred to in section II.3 of this opinion are supplemented by those specified in Article II.3 of the consultation regulations.
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