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The more revolting the better." He imagined for an instant the figure of the "explosive lieutenant," Ilya Petrovitch.
Repeated experiments with it determined me that in searching for a high explosive, Perry had stumbled upon a fire-extinguisher that would have made his fortune for him back in our own world.
And then suddenly, into a world peacefully busied for the most part upon armaments and the perfection of explosives, war came; came the shock of realising that the guns were going off, that the masses of inflammable material all over the world were at last ablaze.
There came the explicit statement of the agreement to victual the German airships, to supply the complement of explosives to replace those employed in the fight and in the destruction of the North Atlantic fleet, to pay the enormous ransom of forty million dollars, and to surrender the in the East River.
He tried to give a memorable lesson with the minimum waste of life and the minimum expenditure of explosives. For that night he proposed only the wrecking of Broadway.
Those who were non-experts in high explosives expected that every pane of glass in New York would be shattered.
The three Marys were considered as dangerous as high explosives to have about the kitchen, yet they were such good cooks and such admirable housekeepers that they never had to look for a place.
I found no explosives, however, nor any means of breaking down the bronze doors.
Based on industry products, the mining explosive market can be segmented into commercial explosives, accessories, initiating explosives, pyrotechnic products and other.
An official of the Police said that the total weight of the explosive was around 20 kg.
Senator Usman Khan Kakar said, 'The Muslim Bagh area has one of the biggest chromites reserve in the world as the reserves of the mineral being exported worth US $400 million as the largest sum of exports of the country, adding that the mines' owners are facing difficulties in getting explosive material for mining.'
'He noted, "I strongly oppose such undue favour and I would be going for privilege motion in the House as the Ministry of Interior has pushed back the committee ruling." The officials told the committee that the cases for issuance of explosives license to the contractors for Muslim Bagh had been delayed due to official procedures.