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EXPExperience (mathematics)
EXPExperience Points (role playing games)
EXPExpansion Pack (games)
EXPExplosion Proof
EXPExpectation Value
EXPExpress Purchase
EXPExplorer Mission
EXPExecutive Platinum (American Airlines frequent flyer program)
EXPEqual Erasure Protection
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The results reported here depend very strongly on the underlying numerical linear algebra, and in particular, an exponential integrator may perform better or worse than a competitor simply because of a switch from a direct method to an iterative method or vice versa.
Let f be an entire function of exponential type [LAMBDA], where [LAMBDA] < [OMEGA], and of finite [L.
The second section explores middle school mathematics teachers' challenges in enriching their conceptual understandings of linear and exponential growth using different ICT-based cognitive tools (e.
The half-life of skills in the Exponential Age is reduced to about 5 years.
While addressing on the occasion, Director of Community Leadership of the Singularity University, Dharmishta Rood said, as the SU's regional leadership teams build local communities in support of the development of exponential technologies, the ability for meaningful global and local impact grows.
Using an exponential smoothing method with a damped trend, Masuda and Goldsmith (2009) carried out long-term projections for global production of soybean, which is one of the most valuable crops in the world in terms of nutrition.
In addition to portfolio, trade and tax management, Exponential also offers a variety of capital market services such as portfolio compliance review, liquidity sourcing, real time monitoring, index construction, creation/redemption basket management and risk management.
An improved exponential estimator for population variance using auxiliary variable in simple random sampling was proposed (Singh et al.
This combination of exponential technologies has opened entirely new markets for game developers and allowed products like Pokemon Go to scale -- and fast.
If X and A are two objects of a category C, then a weak exponential [W.
2]) was obtained in the section "Incompressible Isotropic Materials" in the form of the polynomial, logarithmic, and exponential.
In Section 2, the robust exponential stability problem of impulsive stochastic neural networks with Markovian jumping parameters, mixed time-varying delays, and parametric uncertainties is described and some necessary definitions and lemmas are given.