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EXPRESSExperiment Re-Entry Space System (satellite; Japan and Germany)
EXPRESSExchange Of Permanent Records Electronically for Students and Schools (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
EXPRESSExplicitly Requested Single Source (multicast protocol)
EXPRESSExecution and Prioritization of Repair Support System
EXPRESSExpediting the Process of Experiments to the Space Station
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5 Gb/second per lane, per direction, PCI Express easily scales beyond the existing PCI architecture.
Gene Express offers the most advanced gene expression technology available based on patented technology invented by Gene Express Chief Scientific and Medical Consultant Dr.
Our role is to provide industry leaders such as Unisys with tools for designing and verifying chips that incorporate the PCI Express standard," said David Lin, vice president of strategic marketing for Denali.
PCI Express cable standards that support the interconnect requirement
For some, the PCI bus has been a weak link and PCI Express will alleviate their issues with bandwidth and robustness.