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XRFX-Ray Fluorescence
XRFExtended Recovery Facility
XRFExternal Reference
XRFCross Reference File
XRFCross Reference
XRFX-Ray Flash
XRFExtended Recovery Facility (IBM)
XRFExtended Reliability Feature
XRFXenogeneic Reconstitution Factor (microbiology)
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Hypothesis 2: A consumer's willingness to pay for a supplementary product will increase only when the external reference price of the focal product is 5 times higher than the consumer's internal reference price for the supplementary product.
Comeyadded that Trump could be a more ethical leader if he surrounded himself with people who could serve as external reference points.
On the other hand, the inertial navigation system (INS), which is a dead-reckoning based navigation system, is the only form of navigation that does not rely on external reference [2].
Kalyanaram and Winer [4] divided reference price into two types: internal reference price and external reference price.
Once all bit cells have been programmed or erased, a digital check can be initialized by sourcing an external reference current to the external test-mode pin.
The device features an internal band-gap regulator that eliminates the need for an external reference supply.
She has precise rhythmic ability and can reproduce an exact musical note without an external reference. Martha, Sally's classmate since elementary school, has a keen sense of music but lacks some of Sally's innate musical abilities.
* The ability to recognize standard thermocouple signals, with either internal or external reference junction compensation, and without the need for further adjustments.
Nadeem Alamgir pharma industry expert said that the prices of new chemical entities are proposed to be fixed by External Reference Pricing (ERP) but only two countries India and Bangladesh are kept in the basket of countries.
A feedback system of PLL causes the output of voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) signal tracks the external reference signal, REF in phase and frequency.
The DAC converters in microcontrollers are usually 8 to 12 bits wide while allowing external reference voltages to be used.
The G-33 proposal on food security aims to address the problems faced by developing countries due to outdated WTO rules, which base agriculture subsidy calculation on external reference prices of 1986-88, even as global food prices have increased manifold during this period.
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