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FVFuture Value
FVFruit and Vegetable (diet)
FVFront View
FVFarmville (simulation game)
FVFantasy Violence
FVFountain Valley (California)
FVFinite Volume
FVFair Value
FVFace Value
FVFishing Vessel
FVFluidez Verbal (Spanish: Verbal Fluency)
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FVFunk Volume (record label)
FVFamily Voices (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
FVFalcon View (US Air Force)
FVFighting Vehicle (military personnel vehicle; UK)
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FVFlow Valve (industrial control description)
FVFirm Value
FVFixed-Length Vector
FVFinal Vowel
FVFunker Vogt (band)
FVFits Viewer
FVField Validation
FVField Verification (Census)
FVFunctional Validation
FVFighting Vipers (Sega game)
FVFort Vancouver
FVFile Viewing
FVFaye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop character)
FVFollowing Vehicle
FVFeitelijke Vereniging (Dutch)
FVFiel Vergnügen
FVFolio Verso (Latin: on the back of the page)
FVFernando Valenzuela (basebal player)
FVForward Visibility ____ (Miles)
FVFixed-to-Variable Length Coding
FVFiring Velocity
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S should recognize COD income to the extent that the interest's FMV is less than its face value.
bonds with a face value of more than $50 billion, during a hunt in a remote cave near the Thai border with Myanmar.
Andy Nicol, who said he sold tickets to Eadie at face value and made nothing from it, declined to comment further.
Rather, the king's concern that face value was the same as the intrinsic worth of the coin served a quite different principle.
The silver coin with a face value of HUF 20,000 is struck in .
5 percent to 91 percent of their face value and junior notes with a face value of up to GBP150m at 15 percent to 74.
SPORTS fans were yesterday warned they face heavy fines if they try selling Commonwealth Games tickets for more than their face value.
Issuance of the voucher: On issuance, T, in its financial books and records, debits the appropriate expense account an amount equal to a percentage of the voucher's face value, and credits its "travel voucher liability" expense account in the same amount.
TROUBLED telecoms group Marconi yesterday shook off some of its debt burden, buying back pounds 200m worth of bonds at little more than half of face value.
They purchased about 500 policies with a face value of between $40 million and $50 million.