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FVLMFactor V Leiden Mutation
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Ulnar and radial DVT in a patient with factor V Leiden mutation is a rare condition.
The presence of factor V Leiden mutation among the cases was 3(5.
In the same patient, heterozygous carrier state for Factor V Leiden mutation was found to be the only prothrombotic risk factor.
In a multivariate analysis that adjusted for age, location of the VTE (pulmonary or deep vein), and presence of a factor V Leiden mutation, women whose index VTE occurred while they were taking estrogen had a statistically significant 60% reduced rate of having a recurrent VTE during follow-up compared with the women whose index VTE occurred when they were not on estrogen.
9,10) The most common point mutation leading to APC resistance among Caucasians is at the R506Q site of Factor Va (FVa), known as the Factor V Leiden mutation.
Haslam N, Standen GR, Probert CS: An investigation of the association of the factor V Leiden mutation and inflammatory bowel disease.
The factor V Leiden mutation is the most frequent cause of familial thrombosis and vWD is the most common inherited bleeding disorder.
In this report, we present an interesting case of a combined heterozygote factor V Leiden mutation and anticardiolipin antibody positivity in a young patient with spontaneous deep vein thrombosis, which emphasizes importance of thrombophilia.
Rapid detection of the factor V Leiden mutation by real-time PCR with TaqMan minor groove binder probes.
Tests for factor V Leiden include screening for activated protein C (APC) resistance, and if positive, testing for the Factor V Leiden mutation.
When underlying coagulation factors were assessed, 242 (27%) patients were found heterozygous for the factor V Leiden mutation, and 18 (2%) were homozygous.