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FADEFédération Algérienne des Échecs (French: Algerian Chess Federation)
FADEFoundation for Alcohol and Drug Education (New Zealand)
FADEFast Acquisition Double Echo (medical imaging)
FADEFAA Airline Data Exchange
FADEFalcons Against Discrimination Everywhere
FADEFocus, Analyze, Develop and Evaluate
FADEFar Death Experience (David Woon)
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I cannot rest when the cool is gone from June, But haunt the dim verandah till the moon Fades from the dawn's pursuit.
These findings provide evidence that the vibrancy of low-level details, such as colours and shapes associated with an event, fade in memory while the gist of the experience is retained.
They might fade as you shed pounds after the baby is born.
FADE is the government-sponsored securitisation platform that issues securities backed by electricity tariff deficit (TD) cash flows in Spain.
"In The Fade" scooped the Golden Globe for best foreign language film and is nominated in the same category for the upcoming Oscars.
Fade Media, LLC has added a new client, the Houston Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival to it's growing rooster.
In addition to questions about Taylor's fitness routine and diet plan, fans were curious about the underlying message in "Fade." More specifically, why Taylor's face takes on cat-like features toward the end of the video as she is shown posing alongside Shumpert in a crowd of sheep and a baby.
Nevertheless, it has been shown that atropine alone already improves the recovery of Fade induced by antinicotinic (hexamethonium, D-tubocurarine) agents in the anterior tibial muscle nerve preparation of cats (Prado, Corrado, & Prado, 1987).
Readers will love the duality of Marina and Cherish with Cherish being the Fade and Marina being the human, but they each can hear one another and feed off one another.
There is a strained acceptance developing between the inhabitants of the Arclight and the Fade. Marina has had to choose where she belongs but is torn between the two sides of her personality.
His song 'I'm Famous' is a bit like Justin Bieber, admits Kris Fade.
FED up of getting your pre-holiday spray tan done only for it to fade a few days in?