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China-based XAG has announced it has introduced automous drones to improve pest control efficacy against disease caused by fall armyworms, the company said.
'In 2010 there was an outbreak of the fruit fly in Chobe, 2016 brought the tomato leave miner while the Fall armyworm arrived in 2017,'he said.
CAIRO: Fall armyworms have been reported in Egypt's Aswan governorate, putting agricultural crops, particularly maize, at high risk.
'Fall armyworm poses a threat outside its range particularly in temperate regions because adult armyworm can travel several hundred kilometers in a single day by flying to and maintaining an elevation of several hundred meters at which height winds can transport them in a directional manner,' the memo read.
"Fall Armyworms" (FAW) are native to the America but they have been moving eastwards since 2016, sweeping across Africa, where they caused US$1 billion to US$3 billion in damage, before arriving in Asia.
" When Fall Armyworm arrived in Africa in 2016, FAO and its member counties in Asia followed the progression closely ndash and planned for its arrival on this continent.
The fall armyworm was first officially reported in Nigeria in West Africa in 2016, and rapidly spread across 44 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
FAW was also detected in Yemen in 2018 and has now reached Sri Lanka, the FAO said in a statement.In the absence of natural control or good management, the Fall Armyworm can cause significant damage to crops and affect the livelihoods of farmers.
Unfortunately, the fall armyworms that have invaded the country for some time now are trying to thwart the efforts of the farmers.
THE FALL ARMYWORM is so named because of the way it marches through crops en masse during late summer and autumn in the Americas.
"There's been a lot of punches to the body, a lot of punches in places where we don't normally take them all at one time with a wheat crop in Oklahoma."<br />Although the season started off well with good moisture, Marburger said the fall armyworm attacked and stuck around for a long time, and then the weather turned dry for the rest of the fall and winter.
The use of active ingredients with low toxicity and risk to human health and the environment offer new alternatives to control fall armyworm in corn production regions.