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FLGFlagstaff (Amtrak station code; Flagstaff, AZ)
FLGFedde Le Grand (DJ website)
FLGFédération Luxembourgeoise de Golf (French: Luxembourg Federation of Golf; Luxembourg)
FLGFlashing (aviation)
FLGFalun Gong (belief system; aka Falun Dafa)
FLGFlaming Lotus Girls (San Francisco fire arts group)
FLGForward Logistics Group
FLGFMS-Like Gene
FLGFestival Littérature Génèse (French: Genesis Literature Festival)
FLGFlagstaff, AZ, USA - Flagstaff (Airport Code)
FLGFinger Licking Good
FLGFancy Lads Gaming (gaming clan)
FLGFocused Learning Goals (charter schools)
FLGFriendly Local Gunsmith
FLGFrontline Gaming Community
FLGFamily Life Group
FLGFinal Layer Grinding
FLGFinger Lakes Group (Civil Air Patrol)
FLGFood, Liquor and Grocery (Australia)
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For over 20 years, the Chinese governments mistreatment of Falun Gong practitioners has been morally and fundamentally wrong.
The China Tribunal, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, who was a prosecutor at the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, said in a unanimous determination at the end of its hearings it was "certain that Falun Gong as a source - probably the principal source - of organs for forced organ harvesting".
The (http://news.trust.org/item/20190617155514-p07b0/) latest finding by the China Tribunal reveals that "the practice was still taking plac." It said that imprisoned Falun Gong members are probably the 'principal source' of organs for forced harvesting.
While the Falun Gong followers had not contacted Taiwan's office in Hong Kong, the MAC found out about the incident and expressed its concern and regret to the local authorities.
Hundreds of Falun Gong have come to the UK, including Annie Yang who sought asylum after 17 months in a Chinese labour camp.
Di Yu's lawsuit, sent to the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China, says Jiang was part of the "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of Falun Gong practitioners in China".
We talked to three women -- one Cypriot, one German, one Chinese -- practising Falun Gong on Ledras Street in Nicosia.
The founder of Dynamic Internet Technology, Bill Xia, a Falun Gong member, denied being responsible for the outage, placing the blame on a mistake by China's internet operators.
The book proceeds through six chapters that seek to examine the main aspects of the rise, development, and ideology of the Falun Gong movement.
Falun Gong, a form of meditative exercise originating in China, is based on the principles of truth, compassion and tolerance.
(7) Li would soon begin to distinguish between the broader world of qigong in China at that time--with schools and techniques numbering in the hundreds--and the unique nature of Falun Gong. In 1995, his nine-day lecture series was edited into his second book, Zhuan Falun, or Turning the Law (Dharma) Wheel.
"David Matas and I have visited more than 40 countries as volunteers to urge governments to pressure the party-state in Beijing to stop its pillaging of organs from Falun Gong," Kilgour said.