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FANFood and Nutrition
FANFriends and Neighbours (various organizations)
FANForum des Acteurs du Numérique (French: Digital Stakeholder Forum)
FANFluoride Action Network
FANFabric Area Network
FANFuture Access Network
FANForce d'Action Navale (French: Naval Action Force)
FANFile Area Network
FANFirst Angel Network (venture capital)
FANFoundation Account Number (AT&T)
FANForest Action Network (environmental organization, founded in British Columbia, Canada)
FANFabric Address Notification
FANFreshwater Action Network
FANFood Allergy Network
FANFinancial Aid Notification
FANFeedBurner Ad Network
FANFeminist Archive North (UK)
FANFacteur Antinucléaire (French: Antinuclear Factor)
FANFamily Area Network
FANFair Ads Network
FANFixed Account Number
FANFederation of Armed Nations (gaming, Cybernations Alliance)
FANFacility Area Network
FANFree Animals Now (Ace Ventura Pet Detective)
FANFinal Acceptance Notice
FANFetal Alcohol Network
FANFondation des Amis de la Nature (Burkina Faso)
FANForced Air Network
FANFAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Aquaculture Newsletter (UN)
FANFederal Aid Notification
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Then his career took another 180 with his very memorable character from "Pulp Fiction." John continues to create memorable characters like his recent portrayal of the crime boss, Gotti and the character Moose in "The Fanatic."; Gotti, a biographical film detailing the life of mobster has a scene in which Gotti had lost his son.
The spokesman said that the family of Ubaid Untoo informed that he was attacked in Amphala jail by some fanatics causing
It noted that the police violently and brutally attacked the guards and worshippers and forced them to leave the area for the benefit of the Jewish fanatics. Five Palestinians were arrested and four were admitted to hospital for treatment after they were beaten by the police.
Fanatic Sports was awarded the tender after it won the bidding contest held by the IOA.
Keep sending the drones, he says, and exterminate all those barbaric bloodthirsty fanatics!
Raghav Gupta, Founder and CEO of Fanatic Sports said, "As official agents for the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015 being co-hosted by Australia & NZ, Fanatic Sports & Tourism New Zealand are jointly hosting this evening to promote our luxury cricket tours and hospitality packages".
The fanatic Pakistani cleric, Qari Hitzur, told The Sun of his chilling dream to turn the world Muslim -- by force if necessary.He spoke openly of imposing Islamic law's stoning and beheading in Britain.
Brian Westbrook has been a regular contributor on 97.5 The Fanatic in recent years.
THE 16-year-old daughter of radical preacher Anjem Choudary has been using Twitter to urge fanatics to wage holy war in Syria.
The worshippers escaped the attack unhurt when one Palestinian noticed the fanatic Jewish settler and warned the others.
The fanatic, 34, is serving 21 years for killing 77 people in a self-styled far-right crusade.
If you've ever been around a fanatic, you know that enthusiasm is contagious.