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fanzinefan magazine
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The fanzine has gone from strength to strength from home produced Pritt and scissors product to slick and glossy and a far more professional approach, although it has declined to go down the monthly magazine format of many rivals preferring the immediacy of matchly output.
His run in Players Inc, a fanzine covering football in the north-east of England, starts this weekend.
The fanzine is light-hearted and the piece is self-explanatory.
Rob is currently pondering his options and will make a decision on the fanzine's future in the next couple of weeks.
Malcolm Robinson, editor of Seventy3, said: "It's been a lot of hard work to get the fanzine off the ground but the first issue is now complete.
In a series of texts as the clubs did the deal, he told fanzine editor Steve Wraith: "They have kind of said we don't want u, but want me to say I wanna go.
The idea will be officially announced in the new edition of the club's fanzine Taking Liberties, which goes on sale today. was put forward as Best Premier League Fanzine at this year's Football Fanzine awards.
They've even got their own fanzine (steady guys) and I was impressed by their interviews with famous fans, such as top golfer Stuart Wilson.
If punk's earliest philosophy was summed up by punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue's editor Mark Perry ("This is a chord.