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FDMFused Deposition Modeling
FDMFormal Development Methodology
FDMFinite-Difference Method
FDMForenede Danske Motorejere
FDMFlex Digital Magnifier
FDMFifo Data Manager
FDMFeature Download Management
FDMFast Diagnostic Mode
FDMFull Duplex Mode
FDMFile Diagnostic Messages
FDMFree Download Manager
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexing
FDMForex Dealer Member
FDMFrequency Division Multiplex(ing)
FDMFuzzy Decision Making
FDMFoundation for Decision Making
FDMFlight Dynamics Model
FDMFlight Data Monitoring
FDMFachverband des Maschinen (German wholesale machine association)
FDMFugitive Dust Model
FDMFarallon de Medinilla (Northern Mariana Islands)
FDMFrançais du Monde (French: French of the World; political group)
FDMFormes de la Mobilité (French: Forms of Mobility)
FDMFinancial Data Management
FDMFrance Danemark Matériel (French industrial equipment company)
FDMFreiburger Zentrum für Datenanalyse und Modellbildung (Germany)
FDMFunctional Data Model
FDMFlash Disk Module
FDMFrequency Domain Multiplexing
FDMFurniture Design and Manufacturing (magazine)
FDMFeature Difference Measure
FDMFashion Design and Merchandising
FDMFuel Delivery Module (automotive)
FDMFlash Data Memory
FDMFinancial Data Mart
FDMFrançaise des Montages (French: French Montages)
FDMFilter Diagonalization Method
FDMFacilities Development Manual
FDMFinancial Decision Making
FDMFundamentals of Disaster Management
FDMFront Desk Manager
FDMFiveash Data Management Inc
FDMForeign Domestic Movement
FDMFinancial Data Manager (Oracle)
FDMFrederick Douglass Museum
FDMFused Deposition Manufacturing
FDMFaçades Distribution Méditerranée (French building facade company)
FDMFreeze Dried Mealworms
FDMFinancial Disclosure Management (US Army on-line computer program)
FDMFunctional Data Manager
FDMForm Deprivation Myopia
FDMFile Distribution Manager
FDMFeature Design Memorandum (USACE)
FDMFamily Decision Meeting (Oregon Department of Human Services)
FDMFormulaire de Demande
FDMFrequency Domain Modulation
FDMFacilities Design and Management (magazine)
FDMFaute de Mieux (French)
FDMFlexor Digiti Minimi
FDMFamily Development and Management
FDMFlight Data Manager
FDMFine Design Marine
FDMFlorida Disaster Management
FDMFat Content in Dry Matter
FDMFarmer Direct Marketing
FDMFroid des Mascareignes (cold storage company)
FDMFame Data Management
FDMFile Diagnostic Message
FDMFeasibility Demonstration Models
FDMFlash Development Module
FDMFat Dog Mendoza (cartoon network show)
FDMFunctional Document Model
FDMFootball Dot Manager (online game)
FDMFill and Drain Module
FDMFourier Decomposition Method
FDMFriends of the Divine Master
FDMForce Direction Message
FDMFables Device Manufacturer
FDMFondation des Deserts du Monde
FDMForging Design Manual (aluminum)
FDMFeedback Data Management
FDMFlexible Delivery Mode (teaching method)
FDMFault Detection and Management
FDMFixed Dose Method
FDMFree-Flying Dynamic Models
FDMFailure Detector Module
FDMFigure of Demerit
FDMFull Drive Modulation
FDMFood Drug Mass-Merchandise (market segment)
FDMForce Distribution Manual
FDMFrequent Dancer Miles
FDMFactory Data Management
FDMFusion Data Management (Unreal tournament clan)
FDMFraction of Deadlines Made
FDMFundación Diálogo Mujer (Spanish: Foundation for Women's Dialogue; Colombia)
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ROBERT STORR: Regarding Lane's suggestion that worrying about the graphicness of painting leads straight to sniffing stand oil: The point is not pining for something in the past but hungering for something that, if not necessarily entirely "new," is an immediate visual experience rich in the details of its own language rather than a faute de mieux version of something else.
10 Lingfield: Selling winner The Gay Fox might find this a little too hot and I fancy FAUTE DE MIEUX, who was only beaten two whiskers in third here last month.
FORECAST: 4-1 Jodeeka, 5-1 That Man Again, 6-1 Candleriggs, 7-1 Mitcham, Alegria, 8-1 Argent Facile, Faute De Mieux, 10-1 others.
Combine the two factors and it makes Faute de Mieux an attractive proposition in the Ruinart Champagne Classified Stakes (7.
With apologies to the author, for he does deserve better than this, the editor himself feels in such cases obliged, faute de mieux, to bring the book, at least, to the attention of his readers--presuming, of course, that they have not already seen the many and flattering reviews published elsewhere.
J'ai tourne avec quelque apprehension la belle page couverture de ces memoires, redigees faute de mieux aux portes de la mort.
The impact of conquest and colonization upon indigenous peoples within Latin America is mostly written using Iberian produced documents faute de mieux.
The Tony nominees for Best Play this season were the defightful farce Lend Me a Tenor, the smarmy soap-operatic monologue Shirley Valentine, the wellcrafted but unexciting Heidi Chronicles and Bill Irwin's Largely New York, which got my faute de mieux vote.
I had come across a government I could support, not faute de mieux, but because I wanted its efforts (at survival, at building the nation, and at transforming it) to succeed.
Pour le reste, la conviction est acquise que le gouvernement actuel, tel qu'il est forme, qu'il fonctionne et qu'il voit l'avenir, doit aller exercer ses talents ailleurs, sauf peut-etre Habib Essid, le chef de ce gouvernement, qui, faute de mieux, pourrait etre plebiscite pour rempiler a la Kasbah.
Elles sont nombreuses les filles qui, faute de mieux, se contentent du maigre salaire, insuffisant et surtout injuste pour celles qui ont fait des etudes superieures.
Over the past decade, she has noticed that many people working in the jewellery industry are uneducated or started working in this field faute de mieux.