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FAVFoire aux Vins (Wine Fair)
FAVFine Arts Visual (class)
FAVFruits And Vegetables (growers, farmers)
FAVFamilies Are Valued (project; Texas)
FAVFestival des Architectures Vives (French: Festival of Lively Architecture)
FAVFistule Artério Veineuse (French: Venous Fistula)
FAVFuerza Aérea Venezolana (Venezuelan Air Force)
FAVFull Audio Video
FAVFast Attack Vehicle
FAVForce Application Vehicle (gaming; Halo series)
FAVFamily Assault Vehicle
FAVFidelity Asia Ventures (Fidelity International, Ltd.)
FAVFinal Acute Value (water pollution analysis)
FAVFirst Available Vessel (freight industry)
FAVForeningen Asfalt og Veiservice (Norwegian asphalt contractors association)
FAVFirst Article Verification
FAVFull Audio Visual (device)
FAVFormula Asset Value
FAVFully Armored Vehicle
FAVFormic Acid Viscosity
FAVFacilities Assessment Visit
FAVFoveal Avascular Zone (ophthalmology)
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Eighty-seven percent now say they have a favorable view of Japan, slightly above last year's previous record-high favorable rating of 85%.
La actitud de los docentes hacia "Uno de los problemas morales en las instituciones mas frecuente es la insuficiente dedicacion al trabajo, ausencia del debido respeto a las personas y los conflictos frecuentes entre los miembros de la institucion", "Los problemas morales en la atencion a las personas mas frecuentes son la ausencia de respeto a la dignidad, la autonomia y la integridad de las personas, deshumanizacion, despersonalizacion y comercializacion de la atencion a las personas" y "La etica es la teoria que explica todas las formas de conducta, personal o institucional, regulada por normas morales" fue favorable y muy favorable (86%) para los tres items mencionados, mientras que la actitud desfavorable y muy desfavorable lo fue para el 11% en el primero y 9% para el segundo.
We found that men with favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer did not have significantly increased risks of death compared to men with low-risk prostate cancer, said Ann Caroline Raldow, MD, first author of the study and resident physician at BWH and the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program.
Fifty two percent of respondents were favorable about education system and 50% about health care system.
By comparison, President Obama has a 53 percent favorable rating overall, and a 91 percent favorable among Democrats.
Spellings insisted there was no cover-up, but her explanation for why the report was downplayed hardly put her in a favorable light.
More than 81 percent of participants had a favorable attitude toward having attended the workshop.
In fact, our research shows that the growth rate of states with more favorable climates is 40 percent higher than those that overtax and over-regulate.
These plans do not have IRS favorable determination letters but instead have IRS opinion letters.
AJCA Section 243(a)(2) also provided favorable modifications to certain details of the "straight debt" exception; see Sec.
They wanted to both lock in favorable rates and to close by December 31, 2004.
Alternate delivery models, due to the specialization and efficiency of service delivery, offer favorable financial returns for minimal--and sometimes less--time commitments.