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FRTFremont (Amtrak bus station code; Fremont, CA)
FRTFries Research & Technology GmbH (Germany)
FRTFederal Realty Investment Trust
FRTFacial Recognition Test (neurology)
FRTFace Recognition Techniques
FRTFondation René Touraine (Frrench dermatology foundation)
FRTFirst Registration Tax (Hong Kong)
FRTFacility Response Team (US Navy)
FRTFox Pro Report
FRTFrequency Response Test
FRTFast Response Time
FRTFord Racing Technology
FRTFacial Recognition Technology
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FRTForest Resource Trust (Oregon)
FRTFault Ride-Through (wind turbine energy)
FRTFemale Reproductive Tract
FRTFixed Radius Transition (aviation)
FRTFluides Réactifs et Turbulence (French: Reagents and Fluid Turbulence)
FRTFast Repetitive Tick (biology)
FRTFonds de la Recherche Technologique (French: technological research funds)
FRTFirst Response Team
FRTFloating Raft Technology (hydroponics)
FRTFirearms Reference Table
FRTFloating Roof Tank (oil storage)
FRTFrance Réseaux Télécommunications (French: French Telecommunications Networks)
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FRTFlame Retardant Treated (wood processing)
FRTFix Response Time (TL 9000)
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FRTFederally Related Transaction (real estate appraisals)
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FRTFast Rule Theorem
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FRTFlow Recording Transmitter
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FRTFull Routing Table
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As Table 1 shows, USPAP presents one level of binding requirements applicable to all appraisal assignments, an additional level of requirements for market value opinions, and via Statement 10, a third level of requirements applicable to federally related transactions (FRTs).
In 1994 there were three significant events that collectively affected the number of valuation products available and their use in federally related transactions.
The stated purpose of Title XI, Section 1101 is "to provide that federal and public policy interests in real estate-related transactions be protected by requiring that real estate appraisals utilized in connection with federally related transactions be performed in writing, in accordance with uniform standards, by individuals whose competency has been demonstrated and whose professional conduct will be subject to effective supervision.
Each federal financial institutions regulatory agency and the Resolution Trust Corporation shall prescribe appropriate standards for the performance of real estate appraisals in connection with federally related transactions under the jurisdiction of each such agency or instrumentality.
Before an appraiser accepts an assignment knowing the intended use of the appraisal is, or may be, for a federally related transaction by a federally insured depository institution, it is that appraiser's responsibility to disclose to the prospective client that the lender or its agent is required to directly engage the appraiser.
Management shall obtain appraisal reports in support of federally related transactions above a specified de minimus level (i.
As previously noted, regulatory agencies and the RTC must differentiate between the types of federally related transactions that require the services of state certified appraisers and those that require state licensed appraisers.
Certified general real estate appraiser: May provide appraisal services in federally related transactions with all types of residential or commercial real property without regard to value or complexity.
Title XI contemplates that the states will establish appraiser certification and licensing agencies, as well as set minimum requirements for individuals who are qualified to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions.
Certain states are considering legislation to apply to all real estate appraisals, not just federally related transactions.
If it is determined that a state does not have a compliant reciprocity policy in place, it is possible that appraisers in that state could be removed from the National Registry and no longer be eligible to provide appraisals in conjunction with federally related transactions.
A regulated institution must ensure that appraisals supporting federally related transactions adhere to USPAP as well as the other minimum appraisal standards contained in the agencies' appraisal regulations.
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