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FBLFeedback Loop (computing)
FBLFondation Biermans-Lapôtre (residence; Belgium, Luxembourg and France)
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In terms of media history, the propaganda feedback loop in the right wing has formed since 1988 with talk radio and 1996 with Fox News, which worked to confirm Republican partisan identity.
"Importantly, our work has shown that we may already be in a position to block the feedback loop with a drug called fasudil which is already used in Japan and China for stroke," Dr Killick said.
Once CDS is finely tuned for all care team members and their patients, we need to evaluate how the evidence generated from clinical decision support systems can be used in a virtual feedback loop. As described by the Institute of Medicine (now the National Academy of Medicine) in The Learning Healthcare System, developing and applying a cycle of evidence generation and content refinement can move healthcare to the next level of innovation (2).
Goodbye.' And, of course, this feedback loop becomes a massive wave of euphoric buying.
To prove this, the group deliberately removed one of the players from the feedback loop and found that the entire balance was shifted, resulting in unrestrained HSC activation, exhaustion of the HSC compartment, and ultimately in the failure to produce enough blood cells to compensate for the loss.
Capturing clicks closes the feedback loop, telling marketers for the first time what people want when they have a product in hand.
Later he exposed that TIM and PER, both proteins were capable to arrive in the nucleus to impede per gene action to close the inhibitory feedback loop.
The outcome was very interesting indeed: the entire system operates in a feedback loop, reveals Oostendorp.
Zhang says, "It's like injecting white noise into that feedback loop in order to disrupt it." She notes that the pattern of vibration is also important.
In other words, low interest rates spur a reflexive feedback loop in which more rapid balance sheet growth generates increased financial market liquidity, thus raising asset prices and dampening measured volatility, allowing for further balance sheet growth.