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FBLFeedback Loop (computing)
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A positive feedback loop exists at the UO, and it can be nurtured.
We analyzed the role of multiple feedback loops in this network, and were eventually able to identify an ultrasensitive mechanism that works in combination with the feedback loops to form a switch.
Control provided by an easily programmable microcontroller, meaning that exact charge profiles for a variety of battery-charging systems can be accurately met, while closing the feedback loop with the speed and precision needed for safe charging and long battery life.
In this earlier moment, artists as diverse as Dan Graham, Peter Campus, Bruce Nauman, and Joan Jonas established feedback loops of live cameras and monitors into which viewers could wander: Sometimes their images were replayed to themselves in altered form, as in Campus's works, and sometimes spectators encountered their displaced projections on a short delay or in kinesthetically disorienting environments, as in installations by Nauman and Graham.
I doubt that large institutional employers are ever trapped in the sort of feedback loop Loury describes, given the extensive management systems they use to measure and correct racial discrimination.
A good feedback loop with your dealer could result in the following:
Taken together, it is an intellectual feedback loop, and feedback loops make for slippery footing when the hammer of history crashes down.
The sexual dimorphism of aromatase activity in this area of the brain of medaka is probably involved in the sex-specific regulation of the gonadal-pituitary-hypothalamic feedback loop.
as a feedback loop bounced endlessly to and fro, was bundled into a violently chirping stream of sound.