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FELFoundation for Early Learning (various organizations)
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FELFlandra Esperanto-Ligo (Esperanto: Flemish Esperanto League; Belgium)
FELFlywheel End Left
FELFédération des Étudiants Libéraux (French: Liberal Students Federation; Belgium)
FELFédération des Étudiants Lyonnais (French: Lyonnais Federation of Students; Lyon, France)
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FELFeature Exchange Language
FELFederal Emission Limit
FELFire Extinguisher License
FELFeldberg Radio Relay (Germany)
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Section 565.021.1(1) provides an enumerated assaultive felony that may serve as an underlying felony for a conviction of second-degree murder.
Felony murder is the legal doctrine whereby any participant in a felony can be held criminally liable for any deaths that occurred during the commission of the felony.
Not only does the State relabel his offense as a "felony" instead of a "misdemeanor"--meaning that he loses his voting rights and suffers other collateral consequences of a felony conviction--the State also more than sextuples his time in prison.
During the past four years, they made up 97 percent of the 1,266 prostitution-related felony convictions in Cook County.
Highlights reveal that about a fourth of felony defendants were charged with a violent offense in 2006; 43 percent of felony defendants had at least one prior felony conviction; and about a third of released defendants committed some form of pretrial misconduct, including 18 percent who were rearrested for a new offense committed while they awaited disposition of their case.
In fact, prior to May 2009, Washington was one of only ten states to require payment of all legal financial obligations, such as restitution and court fees, before persons with felony convictions could vote again.
Under the new law, a second violation for manufacturing a device or equipment intended to be used in animal fighting now is a Class 3 felony. Previously, a first offense was charged only as a misdemeanor.
In Illinois, the felony murder rule applies to 14 specific "forcible felonies" like murder, robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping and even burglary and treason, but also allows prosecutorial discretion to charge someone in cases involving "the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual."
Hongsreang has been charged with incitement to discriminate and incitement to commit a felony,' court spokesperson Kuch Kimlong said on Thursday.
Those charges included not only aggravated criminal sexual abuse but also more serious charges -- aggravated criminal sexual assault, a Class X felony, and criminal sexual assault, a Class 1 felony.
Palman was arrested and booked into Osceola County Jail on charges of Organized Scheme to Defraud, a second degree felony, false and fraudulent insurance claim (Intentional Motor Vehicle Crash), a second degree felony, and filing a false and fraudulent insurance claim, a third degree felony.
Under Missouri law, stealing is typically a misdemeanor, but under certain circumstances it can be elevated to a felony. In Bazell and a follow-up ruling, the court said the enhancements apply only to offenses "in which the value of property or services is an element."